1. I


    Edit: Got one sorted. S15 ideally or S14 Alternator wanted, I assume DE or DET will be the same. Used or if someone knows were I can get new for reasonable money let me know Immy
  2. H

    Fuel pump fuse location

    Anyone know which fuse is for the fuel pump (I assume it in the drivers footwell?)
  3. Carta

    FS: JDM Rear Lights

    Just changed my rear lights to some DMAX ones so I have my oldies up for sale if any one wants them. The drivers rear light does fog up, but can be solved by resealing them I assume. These are the only pictures I have on me at the moment but can get more when I get back from work. £70
  4. G

    WTB: s15 centre dash vent

    one of the flaps on my dash vent is broken so i would like a whole new vent, i assume that they are all the same. cheers gaz.
  5. pegliobaglio

    tein adjustment

    Guys does anyone know which way you turn the damper adjusting to stiffen it up? I believe its clockwise ,but am not sure,anyone know?I know on my kw's I have to go clockwise so just assume its the same.
  6. C

    FS: Aluminium subframe bushes - unused

    I bought these a few months ago from Apex Performance but have decided to go for polybushes instead now. They have tiny scratches on the surface from transit I assume, but this is how I recieved them from Apex. Cost £75 new, selling for £60 delivered...
  7. W

    Sequential gearbox, which ones can be fitted to the S15?

    Quaife I assume. Are there cheapers ones aswell?
  8. J

    Flat as a pancake day

    Guys & Gals, where's the best place to order a battery from :rolleyes: Mine's dead after 6 weeks off the road. I charged it for 6 hours on Saturday and took the car on a 300 mile run on Sunday but this morning, it's flat again. I can only assume it's not holding its charge very well :( I...
  9. M

    Touch Up Kits

    I know Ive read a thread on this but I cant find it..... So Im wondering if somebody (probably Ming) can confirm the part number for a touch up kit for colour code WKO. Nissan UK show it as non existent but I assume thats just because its an accessory in FAST. Part number I think is correct is...