1. R

    WTB: front cut or damaged s15 sr20det

    please write me a pm. and i need rear axle too. thanks
  2. natune

    Axle Stands and jacking points

    hey everyone :D this is probally abit of a lame one, but im planning on fitting my new sparkly brakes at the weekend (pics will follow :cool:).. so i was going to get 2 axle stands to keep the front up to whilst i do it. but my simple question is, where do i put the axle stands, and where do i...
  3. Larsz

    Axle Load Information

    Well as topic says it. The dutch DVLA is being an amazing PITA about me not having an document or w/e on the axle loads of my S15. And them being PITA, means i need to have an official nissan paper, or maintance book or SOMETHING that says nissan on it, wich states the max axle load etc. I...
  4. seilow

    front and rear axle max weight

    hi there someone know the max weight on the front axle and the rear axle ?
  5. Topper

    How do you get a car on 4 axle stands?

    I want to redo the underseal on my car and generally tidy up the under side, how do i get the car onto 4 axle stands? Putting it up onto two, say at the front, then lifting the rear until you can get axle stands under seems a bid dodgy, but is that how you do it?