1. N

    FS: Garage Clear Out: S15 Air Vents x 3 & Passenger Air Bag

    S15 Passenger Air Bag Hi Guys, Since the sale of my S15 I'm having a final garage clear out. All up for grabs before getting listed on ebay. S15 Passenger Air Bag. Was Removed from a 1999 model and has been sat on my shelf in the garage for a few years. £25 Collected Bomsgrove...
  2. B

    Anyone seen this s15 on eBay

    Do you think this is worth a punt or a bag of nails.
  3. dave_t

    WTB: Apexi Cone Filter Replacement

    Need a replacement 'good condition' Apexi Cone Filter, after i had a little mishap with mine. note to self, after cleaning your engine bay - remove the plastic bag protecting your air filter from water BEFORE starting the engine, sucking the air out of the bag & in turn crumpling your mint...
  4. R

    WTB: s15 Air bag module

    Looking for a JDM S15 Nissan Silvia 200SX SRS Air Bag ECU Unit Computer 28556 85F01 Module , if anyone has one let me know how old it is and error free if possible.
  5. roachey

    FS: Parts for sale

    i have parts from my s15 that i am not going to need anymore:D more stories on that one later. parts for sale D-MAX type 1 bodykit, Front & rear bumper with side skirts (front used and painted)£250 (collected) Vielside Carbon spoiler £60 Spec-S steering wheel with air bag (must be...
  6. R

    Air Bag Light Flashing???

    I have an after market steering wheel fitted and has been on the car for ages. Now out of the blue i have an Air Bag light flashing! Anyone know why this could be? How do i fix it? Would it be a loose connection? :thumbs:
  7. G

    Changing Seats Question?

    this might sound dumb but is there any sensors or anything connected to the standard seats i know the seat belt light goes off with the belt clip but i just keep seeing all the air bag signs stamped all over the seats just wondering if someone knew. As i wanna throw some sparco's in there and...
  8. sushiming

    Valentines gifts Ideas

    hey guys ive got some things up for sale duno if anyone is intrested but please have a look and tell ur friends thanks sushiming Theres Swarovski braclets neckless Patrick Cox money bag perfumes shower gels feel free have a look could be a good idea for the other half...
  9. channie

    WTB: S15 Passenger Air Bag

    Its really irritating me now! I'mlooking for a Passenger air bag basically! Wot more can i say! Contact me any time, from any country Cheers