1. rapid200sx

    WTB: S15 headlight hid ballasts

    I'm looking for S15 headlight factory HID ballasts and any of the associated wiring - I have the actual headlights already. I live in New Zealand but am happy to pay postage.
  2. M

    nissan hids

    hey all, just wondering if you know where i might be able to buy the hid lamp for my s15, the ballasts are fitted under the headlights. so i think they are oem units. thanks
  3. B

    WTB: WTB HID Headlights

    Hi Guys Im after some factory HID headlights - i actually have some ballasts but have the non HID lights so if someone by any chance has headlights with broken/faulty ballasts that would be perfect. If not thats cool let me know if you have a working set! Preferably in Australia but will...
  4. M

    JDM factory HID headlamps?

    Hi all, I've got this pair of headlamps that came off a JDM V-spec (last version I believe). The lights are white but not exactly ultra bright though I was told they are HIDs. It didn't come with anything resembling ballasts though. Are they in fact HIDs or just bright/white Xenons? Those...