1. C

    Hi Guys, R33 Owner

    How's it going, always wanted an S15 and my brother's currently in the market for one, so... I'm here to scout ^^ Actually it's exactly that White S15 in the banner above that made me fall in love with them! (assuming it's not a dynamic banner... :S) I've owned an S14 before and was hands down...
  2. I

    WTB: Vertex body kit

    Im looking for a vertex kit or vertex style kit to replace my damaged one :cry: (mines is the blue 15 in the banner) If anyone has one or can put me in touch with a supplier id really appreciate it .
  3. Darren_S15

    S15OC Club Banner Design - Help

    As some of you may know the S15OC is going to have a club area at JAE this year. For this we need a club banner for the stand. I have a nice simple design in mind with a white background, silvia logo on the left hand side and S15 Owners Club written in the font used on the forum banner in...
  4. G

    Whats this wheel?

    I see this everytime I log on to the forum in the banner, what is it?
  5. Mark_D

    Forum Top Banner Question

    Hey there, I've been looking at the white S15 on the banner at the top of this forum. Does anyone know any possible specs specifically Rims and Front Bumper of it. Many Thanks, Mark
  6. channie

    Anybody notice this????

    Dont know if this has been covered yet or noticed... but looking at the dynamic S15OC banner I observed this.... WTF!!!! Should have probably made sure the steering hub was done up properly!