1. A

    Hi from Sydney

    Hi guys, thought I'd sign up! Currently own a 2001 ADM 200sx in pewter, have owned it for a year now and loving it Currently dyno tuned at 200rwkw at Unigroup, basic mods Fmic, exhausts, pod, nistune! Also apart of TeamS15, Sydney's finest S15s
  2. N80Jamie

    Couple of general questions

    First of all hello again, fresh to the site! I've just got of things i want to clear up before i commit myself to wanting an s15 :p First of all, i am very young in terms of driving; i'm 20 in november and will have 3yncb. How likely am i to get a half decent insurance quote on an s15? I'm...
  3. W

    need pic! Please..

    someone ripped the sticker off my fuse box under the bonnet, so i am begging for a few pics of YOUR fuse box diagram. my ABS is being weird so i want to locate the relay for this and check it. so if you would be so kind and post up pics of your fuse box cover so i can see what it says i would...
  4. S

    how do i restart the cpu system

    i think i need to restart my computer system in the car, its still acting up from the other day. i just wanna try restartin the whole system so i can start from scratch. i already tried the basic pullin off the positive cables and lettin it sit, and that didnt work, i even tried the negative aswell.
  5. mint

    Upper Rad Hose..

    Will the one from an s13/14 fit the 15? Basic question, so just curious.