1. Ajbulger

    New from Northampton England

    hey guys im AJ, from northampton 22 and just upgraded from an rx8 to my new baby looking forward to getting to know you guys and learning all i can to make my baby as beautiful as she can be.
  2. R

    Saving my pennies for Spec R

    Hi, I thought i'd join to get a bit more information of the car i'm looking to buy in the next 12 months :D I'm concerned about reliability more than anything as this car has basically everything i want. I'm also looking into tuning options, import process and i was going to see if this...
  3. $

    FS: Beautiful Yellow Spec S - For Sale

    Guys, Selling my beauty, absolutely gutted to have to sell her. :( Changing circumstances with work mean i need to start saving up and investing into a car to make motorway journeys and cant afford to run both her and the runaround and spending the money i intended on doing on the car. :(...
  4. Ozone

    Road noise from the rear

    I've had my S15 for 3 weeks now and been driving it for 2. My usual drive to work involves never getting above 50km/h and listening to Yokohama-FM. At the weekend I drove on some other roads and got to the heady heights of 80km/h! I also had the radio off at this point. I noticed that the road...
  5. Feast Japan

    Recent S15 Images

    Hey fellas, Below are a few photos I took from Rnd 1 of D1 GP in Ebisu. That Friends S15 is just a beautiful piece with te T & E kit attached.