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FS: Beautiful Yellow Spec S - For Sale




Selling my beauty, absolutely gutted to have to sell her. :(

Changing circumstances with work mean i need to start saving up and investing into a car to make motorway journeys and cant afford to run both her and the runaround and spending the money i intended on doing on the car. :(

Please no timewasters, test pilots, silly offers etc. No test drives purely for insurance purposes.

Car has been SORN but will sell with 6 months road tax, and will make sure it is MOT'd again before it is sold.

Would make a beautiful project!

Looking for £4500 or nearest offer please.

PM if interested or ring 07849349776 if you mega want it right now! (however i work in the day so may be a while getting back to you). Feel free to ask me anything etc. The more questions the better :)

Links to posts about the car are below.



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