1. SK-R

    Found this beauty

    Anyone know what those exact wheels are? Nismos of some sort or? The ones on the rack are TE37s as far as I can see but not sure as the ones on the car.
  2. M

    Anybody can tell what size wheels and offset are these??

    Hi, Here's the beauty... I want this wheel setup so bad....:smitten:
  3. S


    Hi, Just wanted to say hello I'm new to the forum I have a S15 spec-S in white, have owned it for the last 5 years. I will post pics when I can work out how to do so. Its great to see some other S15's on here cos there's not too many on the roads but thats the beauty of it for me. Will post...
  4. M

    oooo tasty s15 at jm-imports

    just popped over there today and came accross this beauty the white is really nice in the flesh.