1. C

    Annoying beeping

    Just picked up the spec s and randomly it beeps every now and then beeep..................beep beep beep when were driving any idea what this could be?? plus there is a switch just before the handbrake what this for its been snapped off? thanks in advance! chris:cool:
  2. A

    No locking double flash?

    Hey people, I installed a new headunit over the weekend and I just notice today that when I lock the car, it still beeps twice for the alarm but doesn't flash the indicators twice like it used to. Same goes for unlocking, one beep, but no single flash. What could cause this and how do I fix...
  3. K

    JDM S15 Satellite Navigation

    Guys, How do you open the screen above the aircon vents ? :confused: Tried pressing the OPEN/CLOSE button on the player right beneath the air con, and all that happens is beep beep ! Tried pushing the screen unit as well, to see if there's a clip but it didnt open. How do you open it ...