1. JDM_virgin

    Auxillary belt kits

    Best places and brands to buy? Or just go with OEM?
  2. S

    WTB: Rear seat belt bolts.

    Does anyone have a set of rear seat belt bolts for sale? In particular the bolts that attach to the central and rear pillars (B+C pillars)? One has a large spacer on it. I need both the left and right hand sides. Price posted to Buckingham please :) Thanks!
  3. dave_t

    WTB: Wanted - S14/S15 Rear Seat Belt Buckle 'Recepaicles' x2

    Im after a pair of seat belt buckle 'Receptacles' from an s14/s15. example pic: If you have a pair, Pm me for quickest response :thumbs:
  4. dave_t

    FS: Side Mount Seat Rail - Drivers Side - S13/S14/S15 Fitment

    Item - This side mount seat rail came in my S15 from Japan, with a Bride ZETA. Auction pic: I reverted back to an OEM driver seats and sold the Bride, but kept the seat rail in case i ever went back to a bucket. Un-sure if the rail is a Bride, as was the Seat, due to not finding any...
  5. dave_t


    Item For Sale: Power Enterprise Super Kevlar V-Belts in Blue x3 -Air-Con Belt - 4PK880 -Power Steering Belt - 3PK875 -Fan Belt - 5PK935 I ordered two sets of these from Japan,direct from Power Enterprise, as my mate wanted a set too -but he has since sold his car - so the spare set is...
  6. Fruitbooter

    Possible new belts needed? Video included

    Just wanted to check as im pretty certain I need new belts but just wanted to make sure. The 'airy' noise you can here, would you say that is the belts? I would of thought if the belts were slipping even a tiny amount then it would be more of a squeeky noise? When I am parked up it sounds...
  7. G

    Changing Seats Question?

    this might sound dumb but is there any sensors or anything connected to the standard seats i know the seat belt light goes off with the belt clip but i just keep seeing all the air bag signs stamped all over the seats just wondering if someone knew. As i wanna throw some sparco's in there and...
  8. LuPix_S15

    Pulley/Belt Tensioning Guide

    Ok folks - another guide with pics to add to the library lol :) Thought I'd explain since I did this recently after adding new selt of belts :nod: Basically the S15 runs three belts as standard. The inner most is the alternator belt which also drives the water pump at the top. Then there's a...
  9. LuPix_S15

    Upgrading pulleys...

    Guys, Just gonna order some blue anodised pulleys this week and then swap these over along with a new set of belts since one of them is looking frayed and making squeaky noises now and then lol... Not done this before on any car so need some advice. Firstly, Camskill only list two belts from...
  10. B

    part numbers

    does anyone have the part numbers for a sr20de power steering belt and alternator belt? cheers in advance!! :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  11. S15AK

    Hi, and some advice please

    Hi everyone.. Been a memeber of a few owners club over the years, so I need to pick a few brains on this forum please, as I'm looking at getting a S15 R soon (hopefully) Its a 1999 plate (fresh import) and has 75k on the clock, what should I be looking out for when I go and look at it? when...
  12. Darren_S15

    After import considerations...

    Although new to this club and despite the fact in my new joiners thread a few weeks ago I said I was looking to buy at the end of the year I am now seriously considering borrowing some money now and just going for it. The obvious costs would be all the importing costs (from auction in Japan to...
  13. D

    alternator belt

    my alternator has started to slip is the s14 belt the same for the s15???
  14. S

    Skipp123's MR2 Turbo

    hi guys just registered this is Bry's {black s15} old mr2 turbo i have now aquired the car and its fab well was before it went bang now in the process of a fully forged bottom end hope you like ENGINE Power Enterprise Turbo PE1919* Pheonix Power Intercooler* Blitz Air...
  15. raytsang

    S15 seat belt spring gone.

    Hey guys the spring on the selt belt has gone, was like this when i got the car but has since gotten worst. you guys know if a s13 or s14 selt belts the same as the s15?? dont want to get a new one. if it was a new seat belt i would probably get a Takata 4 piont harness :D