1. Carta

    Softer suspension

    Hey guys! Just a quick one, I run CST coilovers and I am finding that they are too harsh to use every day. Im wondering what would be my best bet to change to to improve the ride quality. My car isnt stupidly low so thats not an issue Thanks
  2. S

    Where to get strut bolts?

    Just installing a front strut bar today and had some awful job trying to get the strut bolts off. I think they're 14mm strut bolts, 3 on each tower, they got a little sheared. Just wondering where id get em or would ebay be my best bet and are they actually called strut bolts? Cheers. Sully.
  3. S

    Clutches Need Help

    Hi guys, been using ORC409D clutch..Feeling is good but it have been having some problems (rattle when deccelerating bet 2-2.5k rpm, sometime the car surge forward when moving off, when reversing there is a jerky feeling) with it.. decided to switch clutch, i need some opinion and help from u...
  4. K


    hey guys, nice lookin cars out there. this is my first car, s15 ADM R-gT nice meetin ya all Here's wat it looks like atm, comments welcome I bet the guy with the blu silvia gona reply first hahaha :P
  5. D

    FMIC install

    ok, so just wondering.... i read things about "trim this and that".... just trying to work out what exactly it is that wants cutting. the "chassis legs" being the vertical parts that come forward, where the piping comes down and round, correct? the "front bar" being the metal bar that is...