1. S

    ABS problem

    when hard braking the brake peddle becomes really soft as if abs is about to engage but then the wheels lock up like abs doesnt even exist. i have no abs light, not sure if the bulb has been removed or is blown.
  2. fez06

    s14 silvia interior light fuse keeps blowing

    i know its an s14 but someone may have a clue whats happening. iv just bought an s14 silvia and noticed the interior lights didnt work, also noticed lots of blown 10amp fuses around the car. iv checked the fuse and its blown tried another and that blew straight away. iv visually checked the...
  3. M

    Hid headlights

    Hey dudes, just wondering where u buy your oem HID headlight bulbs from. Iv been to halfrauds n they want 90 quid each Akso anyone know what type i will need nt had a chance to pull old one out. Also its blown the fuse for the l/h headlight so is this likely to be the bulb or shuold i try...
  4. C

    WTB: SR20DET engine

    Hi, I'm looking for a good running SR20DET engine, either from an S14/a or an S15. Just the engine is needed as I already have gearbox etc, my engine is blown. Get in touch if you have one. Cash waiting. Located in the Midlands.
  5. S

    Factory boost gauge bulb size?

    Hi my factory backlight seems to be blown any idea what size and type it would be ??
  6. vengee*

    WTB: turbo to manifold gasket

    Hi! as above, Im searchin for new oem turbo exhaust manifold gasket. The old one has blown out. many thanks
  7. S

    Electric Mirrors not Working

    Hey guys i think ive blown a fuse for the side mirrors. Can someone please tell me which fuse is the one for the side mirrors. Thanks :)
  8. R

    blown headlights

    Hey guys last week my front right headlight blew and just tonight my left one has gone. I haden't got around to changing the right one so im wondering if the left was just over compensating for the blown one, or do you think there is another problem? Any ideas would be great. And these bulbs...
  9. TriniGT

    Passenger Window Problem

    I have done a conversion on my S14 and swapped the entire wiring from an S15 into it but I have one problem that I cannot solve. When I put the lead for the battery on and put the key in the ignition and switched it to the ON position the passenger window immediately went down without pressing...
  10. S

    Interior bulb blown

    How does the light come off, just clip it off?? Or is there a trick to it? Cheers.
  11. hoodooyoudo

    Electrical issues - any ideas?

    I've blown six fuses in the last couple of weeks, from stereo to indicators off alarm, to one side of indicators regardless of alarm, to all indicators + hazards, and a couple of others. Slightly undercharged battery, now recharged. Took it to an auto-sparky, got charged $160 for a bunch of...
  12. M

    Glovebox light?

    Before I go breaking my back trying to find the bulb to replace, do they have one? If so mine has blown. If not - what a load of crap cheap ****! :furious: LOL :D:D:D
  13. A

    Parker lights.

    Hi all, I replaced my parker lights (the wedge looking things) about 3 months ago. Now all of a sudden both of them have stopped working. Maybe both of them have blown... but i thought i would ask whether there is a fuse for the parker lights. :wave: