1. R

    Fuel purge solenoid?

    I believe this is to do with the carbon canister setup but I can't see where the pipes should go. The bracket that holds it is missing otherwise it would be fairly self explanitory I think. Anyone got any pics of the pipes coming from it or just where it is supposed to be bolted would give me a...
  2. spoonman

    Stock Front Brake Disk for Spec R question about fitment

    Does anyone know how far the hat sticks out from the disk on the stock disk, By hat i mean the part where the wheel touches the disk and gets bolted on. As the current disks dont allow either of my wheels to fit without rubbing on the strut, the disks are 310mm which i think are from a R34GTT.
  3. mint

    Yashio's **NEW** s15 kit

    Just been shown this by Lucky. Typical Great fitment as should be expected with Yashio, Bolted on arch's does the trick, However im just not feeling it tbh... Thoughts?
  4. P


    Are the small boot spoilers stuck on or bolted on? Im trying to get a car at the moment but its got the small spoiler fitted and i want to fit the aero spoiler. If they are bolted on are they bolted in the same place?? Here's a pic of the spoiler i'l be wanting to take off if all comes to plan