1. K

    S15 no power or boost before 4krpm

    Really struggling to find anyone who has had this issue who has posted a solution in the last ten years or so. My car has next to no low end torque or power and boost holds off as the car crawls its way up past 4000rpm then it comes to life on full boost and start hauling ass. I've changed my...
  2. S

    FS: Apexi AVC-R Boost controller

    Genuine Apexi AVCR boost controller in used condition, Ran this in my Glanza for 3 to 4 years with no issues, has a Greddy solenoid which clicks when ignition is switched on but soon goes away. was working perfect when removed and has been sat in a box for the past 6 months. Looking for about...
  3. FreakensNL

    Need some help with my GT28RS 0.86.. slow to come on boost

    Could you have a boost leak in the cylinder head?
  4. JDM_virgin

    Another running rich post

    Finally got my wideband fitted this weekend and the results are: Warm idle (800rpm) 11.8-12, cruising 3k ish-12, mild acceleration (half throttle on boost) 13.5-14.5, WOT 10.8-11.1 but right up at 7k i have seen 10.3 Mods so far are walbro 255, FMIC, 3"turbo back with decat, boost controller...
  5. M

    Stock boost characteristic

    Hello, Was wondering how boost pressure was supposed to hold on a stock car. Made a dyno health check and saw my car boosting 0,5bar but after reving 5k it starts to rise up to 0,7. Thinking theres a fault with the boost regulation. Going to try wastegate pressure next time. Is the 0,5Bar in...
  6. K

    Finally picking up the S15 after two years

    Yes, that is right. I left her alone sitting for two years. Prior to that i have moved back to my rural town in the central Canada where you can watch you damn dog run away for two weeks. This small town has an "Ok" car scene. The Silvia is parked at my ex's place as we broke up with good...
  7. C

    WTB: A-pillar boost gauge cover thingy

    Anyone got one?
  8. Saxon

    Removing Factory Boost Controller

    Going to be putting an aftermarket boost controller in soon. Is it fine to just remove the factory setup or will the ECU get upset? Only ask because it has a connector plugged into it. Cheers!
  9. Alex De Large

    Boost Gauge Wiring Help

    I'm trying to fit a Blitz SD Boost Gauge into the stock boost gauge position but i'm having some issues with the wiring so I'm hoping someone can help. I got this wired up and working fine by using the original boost gauge wiring but when I tried to refit the A-Pillar trim the boost gauge is...
  10. S

    FS: Greddy Profec boost controller and Profec Map

    Had a change of plans and going down a different root for boost control now (well my entire ECU set up) therefore my nearly new Greddy profec and Profec map are up for sale. kit comes with main unit which is in very good condition and comes with the new "map" box which allows you gear / speed...
  11. langers

    Greddy OLED boost controller tuning

    Anybody have any base settings for a Greddy boost controller? On low boost I want it to peak at 10psi and on high boost at 13psi. The car has a fmic, full turboback exhaust and apexi pod intake and running stock t28 turbo. Thanks in advance
  12. D

    Boost too low?

    Hey guys, Last your I swapped my sr20de for a spec R sr20det engine. After driving it the first time I was a bit dissapointed because I did not get the power I was hoping for. I installed a boost gauge and noticed that it only got up to 0.3-0.4 bar. I just and rechecked the whole systems for...
  13. B


    hello all I'm sean from Glasgow just got my first s15 few weeks ago so be prepared to be bombarded with stupid questions infact while your here can someone tell me could I just remove my factory boost gauge sensor and plug my defi one into it instead of plumbing it in elsewhere? thanks in...
  14. F

    Oem boost gauge bulb

    Anyone know what kind of bulb it is? Or where I can get a replacement? Thanks
  15. F

    What boost can I run?

    Standard turbo blitz filter, down pipe,Walbro fuel pump , grade 7 plugs,fmic, what boost can I safely run? Thanks
  16. S

    FS: Blitz SBC ID3 Spec R black boost controller

    Selling my Blitz SBC ID 3 spec R boost controller from my S15, its the black version and is in very good condition, working perfectly. some more information can be found here: Some pictures of the unit: After £200 collection or...
  17. ryan3

    FS: Go Faster Bits GFB Manual Boost Controller

    GFB atomic single stage manual boost controller in as new condition, only removed as I now have an electronic controller Comes boxed, with rubber hoses, GFB sticker, Allen key and instructions £35 posted
  18. R

    Random Boost Creep?

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to do some research but I'm getting confused. Basically today I've taken the car out for an hour today just to charge the battery, I've given a bit of beans and noticed the warning light on my Defi Boost gauge flash, The warning is set to 0.9 bar, It normally stays...
  19. lukes15

    Apexi Avcr boost controller

    hi people, my new s15 I've just picked up from japan, has one of these apexi electronic boost controllers and i think its set all funny after somebody messed with the settings, does anybody have one of these that could tell me a base setting? because its bogging out etc atm [emoji52] its quite...
  20. oilman

    5 ltrs Millers CFS £37.49 | 20% off Pro Boost

    Our gear oil offer has now come to an end, but don't despair as we've replaced it with two new awesome offers... 25% Off All Millers Oils CFS Engine Oils - Voucher code MILLERS25 CFS 5w-40, CFS 10w-40, CFS 10w-50 & CFS 10w-60 - 5 litres now only £37.49 Millers Oils CFS Engine Oils are a...