1. R

    WTB: Radio surround and shift boot console

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the radio surround and the shift boot console thing, can have scratches but no cracks so if someone has one left pm me :) Thanks
  2. A

    FS: Goodies

    Hey guys got a few bits that needs gone. All item are collected from West sussex full performance exhaust system 3" pipes and 5" tip. Bought it from knightracer few months back. £140 genuine chargespeed front bumper, litlemcrack by the headlight. Mega rare and genuine in white. £135 genuine...
  3. S

    shift boot retainer bracket

    Hi all, anyone have a good alternative method of pinning the bottom of the shift boot to the console trim piece? the white retainer bracket with all the plastic tabs (just shown in below img) i had got broken trying to fit a new leather boot and i cant find a replacement without splashing on...
  4. A

    WTB: Spec r rear spoiler

    Looking for one, can also swap without dmax bootlid spoiler with boot. thanks
  5. Saxon

    WTB: Boot Lid

    Hi all, After an OEM boot lid. If it has the holes from the aero spoiler in it then that's fine. At some point in its past, mine has had an aero spoiler added and the holes were drilled by a blind man with one arm with no care taken to protect the bare metal afterwards and as a result there...
  6. R

    WTB: Boot lid, arms and hinges

    Hi all As title says. Looking for boot lid, arms and hinges. If anyone has ether or all would be great. Thanks Richard
  7. TomS15

    WTB: Front wings and Boot lid

    Hi all as the title, I need both front wings and a boot lid. Is anyone selling? Colour isnt important just need to be in good condition. Cheers
  8. Chriscooke

    FS: Snap on 1/2 drive impact gun

    Snap on 18v 1/2 inch drive impact gun. I've had this a while and didn't really want to sell it but needs must especially as I got a newer version for Christmas. Don't know too much about its history before I got it but it works well and both batteries hold charge, charger works as it...
  9. T

    WTB: Spec-R Spats and boot spoiler

    looking for some stock spec r spats and boot spoiler, either with 3 legs or middle leg removed is fine
  10. Rich

    WTB: Carbon Bonnet and/or Boot

    Hi all, As title. What have you got? :)
  11. dave_t

    FS: C's Short Shifter Kit - Refurbished - Including Sound Deadening Mod - S15 6-Speed

    Item For Sale: C's Short Shifter Kit - Refurbished - Including Sound Deadening Mod - S15 6-Speed Description: This S15 6-Speed fitment C's Short Shifter Kit comes with the Original Box & Instructions On receiving the kit from Japan, i fitted a New Genuine OEM Nissan Nylon...
  12. Badger0068

    FS: Aero spoiler (with boot in pearl white) swap for Dmax or similar.

    Anyone fancy swapping boots? Mines in pearl white with an aero spoiler. Looking to swap for one in the same colour with a different spoiler. Preferably Vertex or Dmax but will consider others. May even consider a swap for a pearl white boot with no spoiler plus cash my way. In the south east...
  13. M

    WTB: Boot, any condition.

    Don't want to ruin my smooth boot when I fit my ducktail so I'm looking for a spare.Doesn't matter about colour or holes as it will be redone before fitting anyway.
  14. B

    Factory Boot Release Wiring

    Hi have searched the forum but no luck, does anyone know what the two wires coming from the boot latch are supposed to do ? its the latch that bolts to the actual boot lid as opposed to the lock on the back panel. Any help much appreciated
  15. F

    WTB: Silvia boot badge

    As above must be in good condition
  16. D

    WTB: Spec R shift boot/ trim

    Hey guys I am looking for a spec r shift boot/ trim piece. Anyone who got a neat one left?
  17. A

    FS: Boot lid. Bare metal

    Anyone interested in a boot lid? It's been shot blasted back to bare metal. So has surface rust but nothing major. Has indentations across the top surface which were previously filled but beyond my diy expertise to fix. Has holes for the oem spoiler. Would suit a drift/track car I would say...
  18. M

    WTB: Wanted pewter grey S15 boot no holes

    As titled looking for a boot with no holes as no looking to put a spoiler on the car in grey cheers
  19. S

    WTB: Pearl white boot lid drilled for spoiler mounting

    Hi guys and girls. I have a pearl white S15. I have an aero spoiler but a smooth boot lid . Now I know a lot of people love the smooth boot lids so it seems a shame to drill into it to fit the aero spoiler. Has anyone got one already drilled for sale or does someone fancy a swap?
  20. Keifer1903

    Aero fitting spoiler to smooth boot

    Ive had a search about the forum and google aswell but nothing comes to a definite answer that I need. My s15 has a smooth boot and want to fit a aero spoiler to it to complete the aero kit. my question is will the mounting holes still be visable from underneath the boot? Surely Nissan would...