1. S

    FS: S15 Spec R GT wing/Spoiler ( Perth Australia )

    I prefered the s15 Wingless - so I took it off and had the bootlid welded and painted. So I no longer have a use for it obviously. Its in very good condition and even still has the rubber pads that protect the bootlid. The wing is Black in colour and the connector for the 3rd level brake light...
  2. J

    FS: Breaking Hi-Spec 180sx (Testing water)

    i will break this car if people are intrested in the main parts, engine turbo etc,,,, the car can be seen driving perfect no damage only back bumper and bootlid are damaged... i have all other parts even the ones that are not listed ...bonnet ann interior etc here is a link to the parts,my no is...
  3. D

    anyone lookin for a spoilered bootlid..?

    Hi guys have a spoilered bootlid in white and was gona despoiler it but thought it might be handier to post this message and see if anybody would like to do a swap...:thumbs:
  4. D

    FS: spoilered bootlid swap

    Hi have a white spoilered bootlid and was going to despoiler it but if anybody is intrested in doin a swap i would be happy to do so.. :)
  5. D

    WTB: looking for despoilerd bootlid

    hi have a white s15 with a spoiler on it and am looking to buy or swap for a despoilered bootlid. am in dublin maybe able to collect.
  6. M

    FS: S15 bootlid in Pewter.

    Fully Despoilered bootlid (holes sealed up etc) Bought it off ebay ages ago. Decided not to go for despoilered and just sell it! :wack: (Its not quite the same colour as my car so needed paint anyway :wack: ) Offers please :) (And no Im not packaging it as I will not be held responsible...
  7. D

    S15 for sale on Ebay - thoughts?

    Hey guys just wandering if any of you know of the owner of this Grey S15 on ebay with the BGW :ghey: CLICK ME FOR LINK My only concern is im not too keen on the carbon bonnet/BGW or the black stripe down the roof and bootlid. Would the cost of sorting this out mean that it's no longer a...
  8. F

    WTB: carbon fibre bootlid

    any condition considered not fussed by battle scars, scratches, show me what you got and how much?
  9. S

    Bootlid cover

    any one know if this is OEM? wonder what it would look like... may buy it to see how it looks.
  10. S

    WTB: genuine Silvia badge

    for the bootlid ^^ anyone got one/know where i can get one.
  11. DeanS15

    WTB: spoilerless bootlid, prefferably pewter

    im after a spoilerless pewter bootlid for a project, has to be rust free, outside can be scratched or rough as it will be painted anyway, but i'd prefer pewter to save having to get the underneath painted which wouldn't look original otherwise. please pm me if you have. thanks
  12. JEZ 8553

    Rear bootlid...

    Hi guys, Anyone have a spare white bootlid or know the cheapest place to get one (maybe one thats being broken ?). Maybe interested in a S15 in the auctions but it has that horrendous (imo) Nismo spoiler :rolleyes:. Looks like it could be too much of a pain to rmove and fill the holes or...