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    WTB: 6-speed gearbox

    He Guys, Looking for a 6-speed gearbox as mine has probably stripped a gear. Anyone that has one for sale or knows a shop or person that has one (or deals with these boxes frequently) please let me know. Preferable close to the Netherlands.
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    Newbie from ireland

    How's everyone getting on. Danny here from cork in the south of Ireland for ye who have not heard of it. Currantly have a altezza. Now that I've finished collage and have few euros put away I  Have been playing around with the idea of getting a nice weekend car, was looking into jab ae86, 180sx...
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    Can anyone help me? I'm wondering is there a difference in the clutch kits for the 5 and 6 speed boxes? Not sure if the splines are the same
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    FS: Brand new Nismo, Tomei and other bits

    Afternoon lads, After a change of plan i've decided not to go stage 3 with the S15. Therefore i have a few bits up for grabs... 4 x Nismo 740cc injectors & o-rings - brand new in nismo boxes, nismo paperwork. No need to be cleaned or flow-tested. Deposit taken Cheers!
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    FS: Driftworks Control System 2 CS2 Coilovers S15/S14 silvia NEW!!

    NOW SOLD!! I'm selling my Driftworks CS2 Coilovers (S15) to try a recoup some money back, as I'm still struggling with money and do not want to have to sell my s15 for the second time because of this :( Pictures show the original boxes and one front and one rear coilover, the other two...
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    I´m not going too ask about how too install them or anything like that. I´m looking for some 60mm gauges for my S15. But I don´t know witch one I will go for. Is it possible to get some gauges without any extra "boxes"? The ones I´m looking at is DEFI or Greddy. Oil pressaure and oil temp...
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    Perfectrun - Anyone need anything?

    Gents Ive got some things being shipped over from Japan via Perfectrun. ETA is mid next week. I still have some room in one of the boxes so if anyone needs anything, let me know now. You will save a bit on shipping.
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    Can anyone read japanese?

    Translation required on this please! :) bascially, where which wires go where...? Need to know where the ones in the red boxes go too. Then the one in the green box, is that a Constant 12V+ or an Ignition 12V+??? Cheers