1. A

    Rear brake caliper seal kit

    Hello everyone, I just want to makesure if this Nissan D4ABM-N9528 a correct part number for S15 rear brake caliper seal kit? Thanks
  2. willy s15

    FS: skyline r33 front set brakes 4pot

    hey to all i have front alloy brake set with rotors from r33 skyline -sumitomo brake 4pot calipers with pads in the middle only thing need is a good clean is quite dirty -brembo rotors 320x30 in great shape -price for set is 350euro plus fee and ship it to anywhere i can load some pics on...
  3. A

    Rear brake caliper seal

    Hi everyone, Do S15 rear brake caliper seal kit compatible/same as S14? I cant find any for S15 only S14 available Thanks
  4. Saxon

    Front/Rear Brake Discs

    Just wanted to check before I did any ordering, but are S14 brake discs the same as S15 brake discs? I know most things are shared with the S14 but I can’t remember if the brakes are something that was changed with the generation change. Thanks!
  5. S

    new coilovers front brake line bracket doesnt line up??

    Hi guys, fitted new coilovers to my car at the weekend but after installing the fronts the bracket that holds the brake line doesn't line up at all. the stock struts on my car had said bracket welded on below the abs line bracket much like the image in this thread: Fitting front coilovers to...
  6. JDM_virgin

    R34 GTST front brake banjo bolts

    Will be fitting above brake setup to the silvia this weekend and I want to buy new banjo bolts. I have braided lines from HEL for s15 fitment and Im guessing as the R34 caliper is essentially the same as the S15 ones (apart from being spaced further out and made of aluminium) but i cant find...
  7. T

    Custom brake set-up

    So, over the years, my car has had a few brake packages. I started off with stock calipers and discs, then upgraded to z32 aluminium calipers with the Apex 310mm bell and rotor kit, and then up until today was running r33 GTR Brembos with GTR discs. Unfortunately the R33 GTR calipers i was...
  8. T

    WTB: Front hub any condition

    Does anyone have an old/spare front hub/knuckle available? It doesn't matter if its an old one with a buggered bearing, i just need it for mocking up possible brake combinations off of the car. Thanks
  9. L

    WTB: Front brake caliper cross spring.

    Hello. Does anybody on here have any spare front brake caliper cross springs lying about that I can purchase please, If not where can I get one from without paying silly prices for one, Cheers.
  10. F

    WTB: braided brake hoses

    anyone selling any they have spare before i order some
  11. Nickichi

    FS: Blue S15 Spec R SR20DET

    Blue S15 Spec R SR20DET (SOLD) SOLD
  12. M

    FS: S15 project lots of jap parts

    S15 project for sale. Had big plans for this car but unfortunatly i have run out of money and interest. Lots of rare hard to find parts. Aftermarket parts either fitted or not going with the car: Nismo 740 injectors Bran new greddy intercooler core 2 way diff (brand unknown) Wind deflectors...
  13. C

    Porsche Panamera brake kit

    Hi All I have an option to purchase a brake kit from a Panemera. 6 pot fronts, 4 pot rears. Few questions though. The original rotors were 360/330 Would you say a 356 rotor would be ok as well? Whats the best place to get brackets made up? Would you recommend changing the brake cylinders...
  14. S

    Grip Build Spec R S15 White

    Hi guys, After years of wanting a s15 I finally got one. Its rather hard get one in my country as the prices are sky high. I bought mine for around 10,000 quids which is considered cheap here. well anyways, here is the car's specs when i got it. ENGINE: Garrett GT2871r 52trim .64(aka...
  15. chris2287

    Brake and suspension query...

    I've been looking around this forum and SXOC and it seems there are many different brake set ups that people are using. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, does anyone have any experience with Apexi N1 coilovers? How do you adjust them as I the ride gets quite unsettled with the...
  16. tooley

    WTB: S15 OEM rear brake callipers + carrier & Cables

    My Partshop max knuckles run duel calliper setup. I have skyline brake callipers on the rear but the knuckles don't support internal drum so i have no cable handbrake. Anyone have the OEM stuff lying around as i gave mine away when i converted a few years ago.
  17. ArTo

    FS: Rear Lights, Side Skirts, Brake cover, Carbon wiper Cover

    Dear guys, selling some stuff Rear Light Left good condition 70 € each Rear Light right damaged 20 € Brake disc cover new 40 € FRP Side Skirts 150 € Carbon whiper blade cover 100 € Fitment to windschild is no very good, should be adjusted or add a rubber lip between DROPBOX LINK...
  18. D

    FS: Goodridge braided rear brake hoses brand new in box £25 posted

    As title says, not needed so up for grabs
  19. L

    Help, z32 brake conversion

    Hi guys, So I've just change everything over for my hand brake conversion but on the passenger side when the wheel is off the disc spins freely but with the wheel on it locks up?? I've backed the adjuster off all the way so it shouldn't be engaging at all. The drivers side is fine Leo...
  20. oilman

    Pentosin Now available at Opie Oils

    Hi Folks, Opie Oils are happy to announce the arrival of Pentosin which has been added to the 76 top quality brands Opie has to offer. To see all the brands please click HERE >>> Opie Oils sell only a few Pentosin products but may add more in the future. Here is what Opie Oils have to...