1. D

    WTB: 6 spd shiftboot and ashtray

    Looking for a 6 speed shiftboot and an ashtray in good condition. The lid of my ashtray is weak and with accelerating and braking it opens and closes and it drived me nuts.
  2. dave_t

    BM57 (Z32) Master Cylinder Rebuild?

    Last year i upgraded my whole braking system - up front i went with K-Sport 8-Pot 330mm, and at the rear i fitted the Z32 Rear Brake conversion. To make use of the extra braking power, i upgraded the OEM master cylinder, to the Z32 BM57. Now over the last few weeks, i have noticed a...
  3. JaseYpk

    Adjust ABS sensitivity?

    My ABS kicks in too early in my opinion. Is there any way to adjust it slightly so it kicks in a little later? I've got R33 brakes all round, with the S15 BMC, and the front to rear bias is perfect, again in my opinion. If i'm heavily braking to slow down, (not slamming on, just heavy braking)...
  4. Fruitbooter

    Brake problem

    Brake problem (update new help needed) Got a bit of a weird problem, brakes feel fine when driving and braking normal...even feel good when braking quite hard. But when you slam on in an emergency or deliberately to try and test them the pedal feels very strange. Its like the pedal is...
  5. Fruitbooter

    How many people use engine braking on a daily basis?

    Just wondered as I generaly always use my clutch to slow me down when going at slow-moderate speeds...obviously this puts added wear on the clutch and added strain on the drivetrain but just how much? How long would you expect a clutch to last engine braking on a regular basis? I never do it...
  6. S

    WTB: anyone braking an s15 spec R

    as per title :) pm me
  7. S

    Cracked Subframe Mounts

    A recent casual discussion with a friend sparked my concern about cracks on subframe mounts. I was told by this friend of mine that he had to sell off his much tracked E36 due to cracks found along subframe mounts (cracks happened at Chassis side). My friend described having the sympthoms of...
  8. A

    Brake issues

    Hey all, I went on a nice hard drive however i found..... one point i had to brake quite firmly to shed alot of speed. After that session of long long firm braking... about 150 to 30 in a pretty short disance. I found that braking from then on say from 40 to 10... as you reach 10 or so... the...
  9. Topper

    Vibrating steering under medium - hard braking

    Vibrating steering under medium / hard braking Any idea what the case could be?