1. JaseYpk

    Potential to acquire an S14A to break. Worth it?

    Howdy. I've got the potential right now to get a STOCK 14A for dirt cheap. and i mean dirt cheap. how much do you reckon i'd get for parts if I were to break EVERYTHING. I'd be looking to keep the gearbox assuming its manual, but aside from that, it'd all be up for grabs, first dibs to you...
  2. DeanS15

    WTB: needed quite urgently - fuel tank lid/sender unit

    calling anyone breaking an s15, i need the white part that fits into the lid of the fuel tank as i managed to break off one of the fuel hose connections - its the part in the pic. :annoyed: thanks.
  3. P

    Hello from Germany

    Hello, my name is Philipp I am 21 years old and come from Germany. I am proud to show u my new loved car^^: Its a direct import from Japan. It only had a 4 day break in England to get a regestration certificate. Type specR
  4. G

    How to disable Airbag Lights

    I had my steering replaced and steering SRS airbag harness disconnected. Have mercy on me. The airbag bulb behind the cluster is in-built and cannot be removed unless I break it big time. Is there a way to disable the lights from blinking?
  5. J

    Capability of standard clutch

    What sort of power will the stadnard clutch able to withstand max?? Will it break straight away if the car is running around 360bhp?
  6. J

    Holiday! Yay!

    Got anything nice booked? This lovely summer sunshine has made me desperate to take a break! So I've just put two tickets to Turkey on the credit card (bugger it I say!). My Dad's bought a nice new apartment out there that he rents out so It's a cheap break in the sun for me (just flights and...