WTB: Bumper support

    Need a front bumper support bar as mine is missing one, Anyone got one? Know of anyone breaking an S15 ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. M

    Removing rear 1/4 window trims

    I'm looking to remove the rear trim round the rear 1/4 windows. Any advice how to do this without breaking anything :thumbs:
  3. ArTo

    WTB: Looking for Right Door / Fender, Big Brake Kit

    Hey, just looking for this parts. Maybe someone breaking.
  4. N80Jamie

    WTB: Anyone breaking? - Need front part of Drivers Side Wheel Arch

    Mine decided to come loose on the motorway and its now a little worse for wear.. If anyone has one or knows anyone breaking an S15 please let me know. Thanks, Jamie.
  5. R

    WTB: need rear panel. Or a s15 thats breaking?

    Need new rear panel due to damage. So will need ether to source a new one of get one from a breaking s15 Any help is great thanks guys Rick
  6. S15AK

    WTB: S15 loom (coil packs)

    Hi guys I think my coil pack loom is breaking down due to the heat, so I need another one. I've not seen any up for sell, but if anyone is breaking an S15 let me know please.. Or if anyone with FAST access could get me the part number for Nissan that would be helpful Cheers
  7. S15Cro

    WTB: Steering pump

    Anyone got one in good condition or know somebody that's breaking a car? Cheers
  8. Max

    WTB: C's short shifter

    Any chance?? I know these are a rare item but are what I really want to go with Craig's old (new) gearbox. No rush, anyone breaking?
  9. V

    WTB: Need a rear window

    Hi guy's, Thanks to a recent hail storm with ice the size of golf balls, I now need a new rear window for an S15... Anyone have one they want to sell or know of someone breaking a car? Let me know, Cheers Max
  10. roachey

    FS: Parts for sale

    hi i am breaking my spare s15 spec-s down to a rolling shell, to keep though. Is there any parts from it that anyone may need? for a few pounds though. Thanks, if there is anything let me know:)
  11. richy200

    WTB: Anyone breaking a s15?

    anyone breaking an s15? i'm after a few parts. (Only need a gear stick, the spec r one as i think it's different to treh spec s. Also need the gear stick boot and rubbers underneath) thanks
  12. C

    FS: S15 Spec S - breaking for spares

    Spec S (non-turbo) breaking for spares It's dark blue in colour, with bright orange front seats/door cards Vitrually all body pannels, interior and mechanical bits remaining - (not aero front bumper) Let me know what bits you want, and i'll get availability, condition, and a price...
  13. Nicely

    FS: 2 JDM Spec Rs Breaking (UK) :)
  14. S


    does any one no of anyone who is breaking an s15? or will be? or any importer who can get parts off them? cheers sam