1. willy s15

    FS: nissan 350z brake set like new

    hey all i have a set brake brembo calipers from 350z with almost new rotors 324x30 has on 10.000klms -brembo calipers with pads in the middle -rotors brembo like new price is 500euro plus fee and ship it to anywhere i have rear set 350z with rotors 324x20 -brembo calipers with pads in...
  2. O

    FS: 350z front calipers

    Hi guys, Have a set of front 350z calipers for sale. Came of a running 350z calipers have ferodo ds2500 pads in them and new bleeding nipples. Reason for selling is have a front BBK already and just needed the rears. should be a nice upgrade for anyone wanting something a little bigger then...
  3. K

    FS: Brembo g35 skyline brakes, 6 speed 350z gearbox

    As title. I have a complete brembo g35 skyline brake setup in Gold for sale included is front brembo calipers, discs with pads. (Pads and disc's have wear). Have a lot of life left in them. Rear brembo calipers, with disc's,pads (again wear) internal drum handbrake setup, handbrake...
  4. P

    FS: Brembo sport pads for R33 GTR brembo calipers (also fit 350Z brembos)

    These were ordered from Europerformance in August 2014, I had recently fitted R33 GTR brembos front and rear and wanted fast road/track pads for a track day on Brands Hatch GP circuit in September. I had not got around to fitting the pads when I wrote the car off at the end of August. I have...
  5. M

    Z33 Brembo conversion brake lines

    Hi guys, I know this question may be asked before, I only need to know if need other brake lines for the Z33 Brembo conversion ? I already have braided brake lines on my S15 but do I need others to fit the Z33 ? and if so anybody got a link ? Thanks, Frank.
  6. oilman

    Opie Oils now selling Brembo brakes!

    Opie Oils now selling Brembo brakes! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL BREMBO PRODUCTS (T&C APPLY) Enter voucher code BREMBO and get 15% Off all Brembo brake parts, limited time only. Look up Brembo for your car here >> Oilman
  7. I

    FS: New Evo Brembo 345mm disc kit + professionally refurbished Evo Brembo calipers

    ALL SOLD DB power Evo Brembo 345mm disc kit, new unused with Brembo discs This kit uses super light but Mahoosive Evo Brembo calipers with huuuge Evo pads, much better than stock caliper kit tbh I'd personally always buy plain discs regardless of price hence why I bought this with plain...
  8. S

    FS: R33 GTR 360mm brembo brake kit + other bits

    Right, selling on some parts as I don't need them now. 1) Big Brake kit, R33 GTR Brembo calipers, with 360mm discs whats included: Brembo Brake calipers, very good conditions, not sticking pistons etc Standard brake pads, pretty much new Range Rover sport discs BRAND NEW 360mm Brembo ones...
  9. S

    FS: Nissan Skyline R33 Gtst 40th Anniversary

    Price is £4500ono im Getting married in march so i need to sell!! weddings aint cheap and I have now found a venue I live in Croydon, Surrey. You can call me (Andy) on 07950167049. Has tax until April 2013 and MOT until May 2013. This car is a decent condition. The chassis and bodywork is...
  10. DOM

    FS: R33 gtr brake pads

    Looking for front and rear to fit brembo capilers.
  11. vengee*

    bigger S15 brake kits

    okay, Im searching for the bigger brake kit atm... I wanna know which setup are you guys runnin. ...currently choosing between Brembo, D2, Mu project and Endless. need your opinions :) many thanks!
  12. B

    FS: Nissan R35 GT-R Brembo Calipers

    Hi there, i´m selling a pair of complete NEW Brembo Calipers for R35 GT-R (front only). Price for new ones at Nissan Germany over 3000,- Euro. 1900,- Euro include shipping (open for offers)
  13. Feast Japan

    FS: BREMBO BCNR33 GT-R Brakes

    Have a complete set up including brembo front/rear calipers & front/ rear rotors. Also included are project mu level max 700 pads w/85% life on them. Not looking to split. Superb upgrade to S15 4/2 pots. Looking for SOLD + postage Postage estimated at 25,000 JPY by ground option. Exchange...
  14. zero260

    FS: BREMBO calipers.

    I have a front set of Brembo calipers from a 2009 mitsubishi Evo including the discs and pads. Obviously like the calipers the discs and pads are used but they seem to still have plenty of life left in them. The calipers are in excellent condition as I have just refurbed them in Candy Magenta...
  15. K

    Brake discs? what to choose?

    Hi lads Just wondered if any one has any recomendations on brake discs for the standard calipers as mine judder like hell when they warm up. I would like drilled and groved if possible but just groves will do, I do drive fairly hard so dont want discs made of cheese if you know what i mean...
  16. I

    R34 GTR brembo question

    Do R34 GTR brembo front calipers have shims or are they just the pads? i know from the 350 Z manuel ses theres no shims for the brembos but is for the standard caliper?
  17. Darren_S15

    R33 Brembo Bolts for S15?

    So went to fit my new R33 GTR Brembo calipers this weekend and ran into an issue my brake upgrade thread. From everything I read the standard R33 skyline bolts can be used for this but then I went to bolt them on they clearly cannot. As you can see in the photo below the shank on the R33 bolt...
  18. S

    Brake set up with R34 GTR Caliper

    OK I 'accidently' scored a pair of front R34 Brembo Front calipers with blue pad (maybe Endless?) Anyway I think I got hooked by this brembo 'bait' that now I need to set up the rest of brake system... So things I think I need to upgrade now is Front rotor, approved braided lines, total rear...
  19. A

    Cheaper Brembo =)))))