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    adzsy - clear your inbox

    and no rush btw
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    Caster and Camber Adjustment

    Hi, I've just had another 4 wheel alignment done on my car and the caster and camber are out but non adjustable. What's the best option for getting these adjustable? Btw if anyone needs this doing and lives surrey/hampshire way then go to Micheldever tyres. They are awesome and really cheap ;)...
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    RG or F1?

    Should I go Advan RG white 17x8.5 +31 7.5kg or Enkei RP-F1 17x8 Silver 7.1kg I compared the weight and they are very similar. I think it will come down to the taste but they all look tempting!! debate? Random pix.... btw Advan RG II is not better than just RG is it?
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    Removing engine cover

    Can someone tell me how easy is it to remove the rocker cover and putting it back?? BTW, I am not very good with any mechanical works. Do I need to replace any gaskets if I do?
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    my FMIC arrived...(quick answer needed! :))

    ... but what i'm wantin' to know is,.... do i need the "T" pice and "nipple" that came in the "Fitting kit"? if so, where do these go? i already have a FMIC in the "induction system"! cheers! it's a greddy type M btw! :)