1. D

    FS: Bride Zeta III glitter back buckets (pair)

    Hi guys I’m selling my Bride Zeta III’s. They are the black gradation glitter back model and were purchased from RHD Japan by me a couple of years back. They were in my car for a short time but we’re removed as unfortunately they don’t fit me too comfortably as I’m a 36 waist. These would...
  2. T

    WTB: Seats

    Hi all, anyone have any geniune seats, had enough of the bucket ones I currently have on.
  3. Lanyard

    FS: S15 GT Leather Seats - Super Rare Optional Extra

    As stated above thinking about selling my seats. They're in excellent condition. No rips or tears. From looking on here and online, they seem to go from £250 - £450 depending on seller and quality. As they're such good condition I'd be looking at the top end of that scale but am open to offers...
  4. jake

    WTB: Bucket seats

    Any one interested in swapping some nice nissan s15 seats for a set of nice bucket seats ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. dave_t

    FS: Driftworks Super Low Adjustable Sidemount Seat Rail (Drivers Side) - S13/S14/S15

    Item: Driftworks Super Low Adjustable Sidemount Seat Rail (Drivers Side) - S13/S14/S15 Fitment Bought this at the start of the year with the intention of fitting a bucket seat but recently picked up a pair of Brides with seat rails already attached, so no longer need this. Nicely designed...
  6. billy_t15

    Bride Brix 2 help

    Hi all recently brought a mint pair of bride brix 2 seats to fit in my S15, I have the seats but no rails and I am a bit stuck. I love the standard seat height and position so I want to try keep it similar. Anyone know what rails I would need. I will be ordering from negun and they have 16...
  7. S

    FS: Corbeau Bucket seats......... very smart!!! very awesome!!!

    I have for sale here my Mint FIA corbeau bucket seats with Carbon kevlar shell black fabric and white stitching. awesome seats owned for a year with very little use so in mint condition. FIA in date for 4 more years Weight 8.5 kg per seat they come with both driver and passenger side mount...
  8. tooley

    FS: Drift works bucket seat!

    Great condition only a few months old! after £300 for a quick sale. These are £410 NEW from DW http://www.driftworks.com/driftworks-bucket-seat-imola-edition-fia-approved.html
  9. M

    WTB: Bucket seats

    An old bucket seats that could be let go cheap, would be nice Cheers, mark
  10. S

    FS: Gear knob, snap off boss and bucket seat

    Unnamed snap off boss, £50 I have this super rare east bear racing bucket seat for sale! its in pretty good condition with only a little tare to the fabric on the rear (as seen in pic) i want 120 just the seat rail SOLD
  11. Nissan_S15

    Anyone interested in some original S15 front seats with rails?

    Hi guys, I have just purchased some new front seats for my S15 over at SXOC (Subaru recliners + rails), therefore I will have no further use for the original seats. So just wanted to see if they sparked anyones interest if I were to sell them? Will probably be looking for around £150 for both...
  12. Mark_D

    FS: Sparco Evo 2 Plus bucket seat

    Sparco Evo 2 Plus bucket seat, side mount Fits taller people and allows for a slightly bigger waist, not XL size though! Very comfortable! Very very good condition £200
  13. Rider4Life

    FS: Driftworks Ultimate Bucket Seat

    Price with shipping: 320 €
  14. Havoc

    WTB: Bucket seats!

    What you got? Pics and prices please.
  15. R

    WTB: drivers side seat rail for bucket

    as title please 07817028470
  16. Adam L

    FS: x2 K Sport racing bucket seats

    I'm reverting back to a totally standard interior so don't want these anymore. They're two K Sport racing bucket seats in very good condition, there's no wear on the side, no fag burns and no tears. Prices are Ono collected but can arrange shipping. One has a drivers side Driftworks super low...
  17. S15AK

    Cool TAS 2012 vid

    Just watched this video of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012, and its just confirmed that I would to go to this even more now before I die! (added to the bucket list!) Trip to Tokyo to see TAS and also visit the Daikoku Parking lot :cool:
  18. T

    WTB: s15 seats

    as above really standard front seats wanted must be in good condition cash waiting or other seats to swap (pair of Corbeau Boss Reclining Sport Bucket Seats in blue and black) thanks Gary :thumbs:
  19. LuPix_S15

    Bride Digo

    Hola, Has anyone fitted the new Bride Digo model seats? I've not got a vast budget on bucket seats etc so Bride Stradia and Zeta are kinda way outta budget - esp at today's awful exchange rates :wack: The Digo's look so much cheaper yet you think with Bride, the quality should still be...