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    Steve + Fc-tuning + s15 + sr20 = fun :). My testresults last year!! and plans...

    Hi All, Just wanted to open this thread to inform everyone about my great experience with Steve Sadler aka the tuning god :D Some know my car i think! bud let's start:cool: I buyed my car 2 years ago, it looked like this: http://images.pistonheads.com/aimg/781/781587-6.jpg Actually it...
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    New member from the netherlands!

    Hi all :) I'm Marco, and i come from the netherlands. A few years ago i had a stage 3 s13 bud i sold it because i needed a mercedes vito for my company (have a own scootertuning bussines) Bud in december 2008 in went to london to pick up a nice silvia s15 spec R pics: specs: Nismo...
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    decat fitted

    well, got the decat on today... there's no doubt that it certainly spools up quicker and stronger! :D well worth the 50 notes i handed over to jono for it! cheers bud! :D FMIC next.... amazing how i said "i wouldn't be spending money on the 15!!!"