1. B

    Another hello

    Hi guys just thought I'd say hello. i don't currently have an s15 as I'm in the process of selling my jzx100 chaser. Once that's gone the 15 search will begin with the possibility of fresh import. ive had a string of s bodies but none have been the 15 and it's about time. I'm based near Oxford...
  2. eiden88

    FS: TougeFactory bump adjust tie rod ends

    Hi all, up for sale a set of brand new TougeFactory bump adjust (anti bump steer)tie rod ends. These would fit 14mm od tie rods, so any from s14, s14a, z32/33, standard or uprated tie rod would be straight fit for these.Won't fit non-hicas s15 tie rods. £70 +shipping (or you could arrange your...
  3. J

    car wont start!!

    hi, went to start ny car after work and for some reason it wouldnt tick over? all the lights and everything come on.the dash but as soon as you try to start it nothing happens. you can bump the car and its fine but then sometimes turns itself. could it be the starter motor? need help asap :-(
  4. lvaleiron

    Nismo S-Tunes or Tein Super Street???

    Hi guys, Just as the title says, i'm trying to make my mind between these two suspension systems... The nismo s-tunes are the one that Toby is selling and there is another guy in Canada which is selling me the Tein SS. I currently have fitted Tein super drift as my intention at first was going...
  5. Suspect

    S15 + Tiny speed bump = fail

    Well after 6 months of pretty easy living with the S15 as my daily driver (diving in the rain and the snow) it all went a tad wrong for me today. I'd had a bit of a **** day at work and it just felt like it was building to something more. So off to mother care in Basildon after work to make a...
  6. Ozone

    FS: NISMO suspension for sale

    This was an option for the S15 when new. These parts have done 8k km in Japan and 3.5k miles in the UK. Front and Rear spring rates are 3kg and 3.2kg up from 2.2kg and 2.4kg. That doesn't sound much but the damping forces are increased considerably, this suspension feels pretty stiff and it...
  7. K

    Any bump steer track rod ends any good?

    Has anyone got these longer ends fitted? If so, are they any good and where'd ya get them?
  8. Darren_S15

    Hello :-)

    Hey everyone, Thought Id join this forum. Ive currently got a Mitsubishi FTO GP version R in Scottia White that I do love to bits. However to have an S15 Spec-R sitting in my garage I would love even more. Ive been reading up a little bit on these cars, mainly through this forum and am...