1. P

    Hardware advice

    Just picked my s15 up from the docks and the bumpers have been removed due to ride height but no hardware was kept just wondering what I need to fit bumpers front and rear
  2. G

    Front lips

    Hi I have been searching for a front lip. The only one I have seen and like is the one from Honda DC2. But it doesnt seem to fit all that good. Do you guys know of any other options or if there is one that looks like the DC2 one that fits our front bumpers ? regards Gudmundur
  3. S

    FS: Standard front/rear bumpers.

    I have a pair of oem spec r bumpers for sale. Both are in good condition although the paintwork is slightly tatty. Front bumper comes with original plastic grills. (I'll get some pictures up tonight) £150 front. £130 rear. Collection is preferred but if you want to arrange your own courier...
  4. S

    FS: S15 Uras Type S style bumpers going cheap...

    As per the title, I have a pair (front/rear) of Uras Type S style bumpers to fit an S15. These came off of my pewter grey S15 and were a good fit. They are in overall good condition, there are a few small blemishes and the underside of them have some minor damage but nothing that is noticable...
  5. S

    WTB: Bumpers

    Hi guy's, I'm currently on the search for standard or aero bumpers/skirts for my s15. My car currently has an aftermarket kit on it which isn't really my cup of tea. I'll consider anything so if you have any nice aftermarket bumpers then let me know also. My car is pewter grey so the same colour...
  6. Havoc

    WTB: S15 body kit/bumpers

    Hi guys, After a kit for my s15 either full or just a bumper or skits etc.... Just let me no what you got.... Also wiling to trade of against spec R AERO bumpers and skirts. Thanks! " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  7. Cess

    Splash guards with non-factory bumpers

    Does anybody have any solutions for securing splash guards in place on non-factory front bumpers? My splash guard is clipped in the best I can, but still tries to escape past the edge or lip of my front bumper.
  8. B

    Pic Request

    Looking for pictures of twin shotgun exhaust pipes on a standard rear bumper. All I can find is aftermarket rear bumpers. Like this but from a higher angle and without spats is possible: Cheers!
  9. R

    advise on website / Rear bumper.

    Been searching for a rear bumper for the 15 and came across two sites. and 2 different bumpers. Just wondering if anyone knows if their decent and worth using or too stay from them. Also any other suggestions are great. also looking for rear lights and z32 brake + Hub Site one: Vivid Racing...
  10. S

    FS: Replica aero front bumpers

    I have forsale 3 replica fibreglass aero front bumpers direct from Japan. 2 bumpers are exact replicas 1 bumper is a smoothed aero version the bumpers are very good quality and Fitment. My brother has had both types fitted to his cars and was very happy with them the smoothed bumper has...
  11. S

    FS: Bumpers for sale and free interior

    As title got a few bumpers for sale and some free interior. bumper one is a stock s15 rear bumper, has got some scratches from storage so is in no way mint, but no real dents etc price £20 bumper number two is a aftermarket fibreglass front bumper, I bought off here as a spare but is no...
  12. M

    Non aero bumpers

    Just wondering what sorta money these go for?
  13. S

    FS: Replica aero front bumpers

    I have 2x replica aero front bumpers on there way from Japan! they are made from FRP and don't come with any fog light brackets or fixing points!! these are a great cheap alternative to buying a genuine one from Nissan £250 + UK delivery Due here February And a picture of the exact...
  14. Jay-pan

    Aftermarket front bumpers

    Hello! I am after a front bumper i want something along the lines of D1 GP of the wise square S15. or this if anyone knows the make of it... Let us know some good sites to buy front bumpers from.
  15. M

    spec s project

    well sold my bm a few months ago as ive been looking an s15 for years and spent too much money on my drift car so its getting a rest for a while, heres a wee spec: arc induction, kaaz two way lsd, spec r sideskirts (thanks joey), de-spoilerd, bumpers repainted, fully waxoilled, hsd coilovers...
  16. Max

    FS: S15 Spec R Seats and Front + Rear bumpers + Fogs

    Thread merge Delete please?
  17. B

    Aero bumpers and racing logic coilovers

    hi people im not sure if ive put this in the right section but im just wanting peoples views on these aero bumpers, they are a frp replica from japan, ive searched everywhere and these are the only ones i can find, my mate has got a container coming over in the next 6-8 weeks and im thinking of...
  18. Yellow Peril

    FS: S15 Carbon Fibre exhaust surround, brand new £65

    Brand new, doesn't fit with my vertex bumper - sexy carboness for OEM rear bumpers, which hides dirty marks from exhaust gases £65
  19. spoonman

    Uses for kevlar in a car, fiberglassing? kevlar reinforced?? Idea

    today at work my boss said to throw away a connecting sock (in a powder drying plant) which just happens to be made of full Kevlar cloth, it got thrown away simply due to it having a small hole in it. these are used as a backup control in case of a explosion to keep the blast away from where...