1. H

    "Trunk release"

    I know I'm kinda stating obvious, but on the back rest of my rear seats there is a small round yellow hole with "trunk release" stamped into it. inside there appears to be a button of sorts which did nothing when pressed (boot was closed at the time) is there meant to be some kind of cable...
  2. L

    How to adjust handbrake?

    Hi all Just wondering how i adjust/tighten the handbrake (cables)? must be somewhere in the armrest area? Mines worked loose over time like always so need to tighten it before i fit the handbrake button Thanks All Liam
  3. L

    WTB: Yashio Factory Gear Knob & Handbrake Button

    Hi Just purchased a Yashio Factory gear gaitor but wanting the gearknob and handbrake button to match Many Thanks Liam
  4. Jaydej

    fitting front Fogs

    Hey people, doesnt anyone know what you need and how you fit front fogs on a S15 that doesnt have them, with the stalk that has the front fog button? thanks
  5. Mike

    FS: Bride Low Max Vios 3, Yashio Factory knob, gator and slider button.

    Bought the seat of James LuPix with a Zeta but I'm only using the one so may aswell go to someone that is going to use it. (Currently in the loft so I'll get current pics tomorrow!) it has a black back and some scratches. £270 collected. Yashio factory knob, gaitor and slider button...
  6. Mike

    WTB: Yashio Factory stuff.

    6 speed knob, drift/hand brake button anything else considering! Cheers!
  7. T

    steering wheel swap: horn issues w/ HKB and Nardi

    So i went to install my new (used) nardi classic. i have an HKB hub that the previous owner had. i stick the connector, the green wire, into the back of the horn button and as soon as the horn button touches the inner part of the metal hub the horn starts going off. any help would be greatly...
  8. R

    Window wont go up or down!

    Well lads, have a bit of a problem with my driver side window. It wont go up or down?!:annoyed: There is a funny noise out of it when you press the button. Any ideas??
  9. adz87kc

    Broken my handbrake...

    ...well kinda. I have a yashio factory handbrake button on my hand brake and i attempted to remove it to get a colour match for the rocker cover i recently had painted. It was on tight as it covers the oem black plastic button but i tried to remove it regardless and i broke something :rolleyes...
  10. B

    folding side mirrors

    Hi guys just wondering if the side mirrors are meant to automatically fold in and out when you turn off and on the ignition?? i can press the button to get them to fold in and out but was under the impression if you put the switch in the middle it may do it automatically?
  11. mook

    Shortening the handbrake handle

    Is it me or does the handbrake handle seem needlessly long? I'm thinking about taking a good couple of inches out of it, possibly more, and just wondered what the best way to go about it would be. I'm guessing it would want the 'chunk' cut out of the middle somewhere and the end welded back on...
  12. Miss S15

    Cant get into my profile

    Hey I tried to get into my profile clicked on it and this is what i get Database error The S15 Owners Club database has encountered a problem. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please try the following: Load the page again by clicking the...
  13. N

    push button start help

    trying to wire in a push button that you have to hold to start the car but where the hell can i wire it to???.. ive tried to wire it to the ignition barrel wiring but went through all the wires and couldnt find the one for the starter motor? ive also been through all the fuses to wire it to...
  14. J

    Whats this button for?

    Hi all, Just a quick question. Picked up my new S15 a couple of days ago, and wondered what this button is for, and is it original nissan, or aftermarket? Its located below the drivers airvent, to the right of the steering wheel. Its beside the headlight height adjustment dial. It has 2 lights...
  15. P

    drift button

    Hi has anyone fitted a drift button to there s15? is it possible to make the s15 e brake function like the 86 re unscrew the ratchet while driving then tighten again to return to stock ratchet function?
  16. irvs


    any one found any "hidden" car secrets, like holding a button for longer does something differant.etc.
  17. P


    Hello chaps & chapess's I'm sure some of you know me from SXOC, but thought it'd be prudent to register on here for some more specific advice about the Spec S the GF now drives :D I do however know how to use the search button so may be limited to friendly banter & general pisstaking :yawn...
  18. Topper

    HKS S15

    Stolen from SXOC - Clicky Loving the start button :thumbs:
  19. Yakozan

    LED Tail-lighs. (Nicely edition)

    Found a link on ns.com for the taillights Nicely wanted earlier. http://www.nagisa-auto.com/products/led.html And look. There's a button which says "online-shopping" :D