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    Hi All

    hey all im new to the site, currently dnt have an S15 but am doin my research on them before i go ahead with buyin one etc, lookin forward to getin involved on the forum Dan
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    Apexi FC

    is anyone one here using a apexi power fc ecu (which is specific to the S15)???? if so could someone have a look on the ecu and see what code it is the one i am looking at buyin has the code: SR2016 020-0669 cheers :)
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    Snooper systems??

    has anyone got or had any expierence with these??thinkin of buyin one..which one is best tto buy for use in ireland??
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    where to get cheap 225 40 18 tyers

    where are ye buyin yer tyres and how much??:confused: