1. Re-VolveR

    FS: Brian Crower camshafts, snow performance water/meth, Garrett gt3071r

    Brian Crower camshafts, New Turbos all in NEW condition! brian crower stage 2 camshafts s14/s15 sr20(nvct) 200 GBP Borgwarner EFR 6758 t25 a/r 0.64 NEW 850 GBP Precision 5558 Ballbearing t3 NEW 820 GBP world shipping from Russia! (shipping cost approx. 40 GBP) email...
  2. V

    Tomei Poncam Type-R for SR20DET (Used for 5,000km only)

    We have a Tomei Poncam Type-R (Part No. 143044) for SR20DET to suit the Nissan Silvia S14 and S15. These camshafts are 256° and 11.5mm lift. Although it is used but the camshafts are in an extremely good condition. These have just traveled 5,000km before it is removed from the vehicle. The...