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Tomei Poncam Type-R for SR20DET (Used for 5,000km only)




We have a Tomei Poncam Type-R
(Part No. 143044) for SR20DET to suit the Nissan Silvia S14 and S15. These camshafts are 256° and 11.5mm lift. Although it is used but the camshafts are in an extremely good condition. These have just traveled 5,000km before it is removed from the vehicle.

The Tomei Poncam Camshafts are a direct replacement on the stock engine. These have the best optimized cam profiles to suit the stock valve train. What makes the Poncams a bolt on application is that the valve timing has already been preset by the location on the nock pin. No dialing in required as you just need to install them as you would with the OEM camshafts.

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