1. S

    Charcoal Canister - Install Pictures

    Hey Guys, Have any of you got some detailed pics of where charcoal canister lines run to? Mine was removed, many many years back so want to be 100% sure as I need to reinstall it (clearing a defect!) I remember there was a guide on here years ago with good pictures, but cant seem to find it...
  2. JaseYpk

    Found Crushed hoses! But whats this canister?

    Ok i'm not on my laptop so cant put the pics up, hoever behind the passenger headlight is a canister with two hoses coming out the top, and i think theres one at the bottom.. firstly, whats this canister for? Secondly, (for people who have read my problem threads about, exhaust firing, spark...
  3. TriniGT

    Carbon Canister Hard Lines

    Hey all I am in a predicament, I did a conversion on my car a while back and converted it from a kouki model S14 to a full running S15 both interior and exterior. I have recently got on with the engine and purchased a Spec R fornt half from Japan. Problem is that I am swapping everything over...
  4. S

    lil plug next to rad?

    ok i sort of broke one of the boost pipe nipples on the little plug on the left side of the rad today? what is it? do i need it? comes from carbon canister
  5. TriniGT

    Quick Question Carbon Canister Removal

    Okay I removed the canister and have a couple mof questions. I looped the line below the canister to the breather from the fuel tank. On the S15 there is a line from the canister to to a unit on the top-left hand side of the radiator and then one from the unit to the intake manifold. My...
  6. Yakozan

    Removing Carbon canister. Safe?

    Is it safe to remove? You had some boost problems Nicely. Was it because of the carbon canister :confused: I don't know where else to fit my catch tank, so I wonder if it's safe to remove.