1. H

    Remote central locking Spec S

    Hi, did is the Spec S come with central locking?
  2. J

    S15 central locking motor needed

    Does any one have a spare s15 passenger side central locking motor or no of where I can get one, or maybe if a s14 fits please.
  3. B

    Central Locking Fuse

    Hi guys - do you know which fuse the central locking runs on? Problem is my passenger side has stopped working, doesn't open from the alarm remote, nor the drivers door button or using the key in the drivers lock. so it's not both central locking units, just the passenger, does it run on a...
  4. V

    Immobiliser/key question

    Morning ladies, I have just got a Spec R (I'll start a thread shortly) and I've got a question. Do they have an immobiliser as standard? The button on the key, which I assume is remote central locking, doesn't work so I want to change the battery, however I am worried it might **** things up if...
  5. rudd-o

    Toad Ai606 issues after flat battery

    Hello I had my s15 parked for a month on demand of some spare parts but when i plugged in everything the car refused to start. I recharged the battery i checked for every possible electrical problem but nothing . When i unlock my car from the remote the central locks are working the starter...
  6. M

    Just got a standard s15

    Hi guys, I'm happy that fnally i can be a part of this forum... just bought myself a pewter s15 spec-r A/T... with not working boost gauge and central lock. Thinking of getting some wheels first and probably some body kit and repaint. any advice will be appreciated. Thank you :wave:
  7. D

    Meet: Brisbane christmas meet

    Hi all, We are organising a social gathering so we can have pre christmas celebrations with our s 15 families. At the moment we are looking at the 17 th December however if a weeknight or another date is preferred put your ideas forward as we obviously want everyone to try be there. The...
  8. S

    clock and central locking not workin properly

    Hey guys ive had this problem since i bought the car but since its a minor thing i havent really been bother by it, but i thought i'd post it up here to see if you guys can help me out. 1st problem: My clock dosnet work at all. I aint sure why but it just dosent, so could someone please help me...
  9. W

    Central Locking Problem (Alarm: Toad Ai606)

    When I try to unlock my car using the fob, only the passenger side unlocks remotely but the drivers side needs to be opened with the key. When I lock my car, again only the passenger side locks but not the drivers side. I can use the central locking switch inside the car on the drivers side...
  10. DeanS15

    folding mirrors when locking the car

    did anyone ever work out how to make the mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the car? i did a modification on my old fto which had a very similar setup switch to fold the mirrors in, it consisted of a couple of relays wired to the central locking controller and to the back of the mirror...
  11. A

    power window & central locking problem

    hi guys i've got a power window & central locking problem, the don't work at all i checked the fuses and there all fine. has anyone got any ideas?? or had the same problem thanks for any help cheers leith
  12. B

    Disconnected the battery

    Now the immobiliser/ remote central locking and cd player dont work :( how do I fix them? I think the cd player needs a code or something, not sure why the immobiliser doesnt work
  13. Y

    S15 Security

    I have recently bought myself an S15 type R, The problem is that the immobiliser has been removed along with the remote central locking now it still has central lock just not remote. I want to put some sort of Security on my car now and was thinking of a Clifford Matrix 50.5X. Which has built...
  14. S

    S15 alarm?

    Hi All, I'm looking at upgrading the standard immobiliser that came with my aus spec s15... I just need to confirm a few things. 1. how many point(s) immobiliser the s15 have? 1 or 2? my owners manual don't specify any thing about "NATS" nissan anti-theft system?? 2. does a standard s15 have...