1. J

    S15 Autech cam belt or chain?

    Hi guys Odd one, after some arse ruined my spec R as it was parked up, I been looking at a new one. Now my budget has been cut short due to insurance being a pain but I am going to pick up an Autech either tonight or tomorrow... I believe the spec r were done on Chain, I would presume it's the...
  2. J0R04N

    Help needed!!! Strange light chain rattle noise at 3000rpm???

    Bit of a strange one to describe but here goes! At around 3000rpm I have a strange very slight chain rattle/whistle noise coming from the front of the engine. Initially I thought it was a bit of grit or something stuck in the front brakes as its that kind of sound. Any help would be greatly...
  3. H

    Service interval for timing chain???

    Hi, i was wondering what the nissan recommended service interval was for the timing chain on an sr20?? Has anyone done this change, just that the other day one of my hydraulic lifters gave up so i'm ordering a set of them and i saw a complete timing chain kit for $185(£115) on special offer for...
  4. T

    Cam chain and tensioner, oil + water pump

    I understand these are chain driven.. I've wayded through the Servie book but canlt find what im after. When do Nissan reccomend the Cam chain, or Tensioner needs changed? and the water pump and oil pump? Kind Regards Toby.
  5. AllanOrr

    VVT / Timing Chain Noise (Total ball ache)

    Hey guys I am aware that my s15 has the VVT rattle on start up a good majority of the time and I am trying to source a VVT sproket (no joy as of yet) Though even after running 10-15 min on low years (e.g 4th gear about 30mph) and try and accelerate there is a sound like the chain is vibrating...
  6. S15RKM

    Cam Noise Help

    Can anyone tell me where I can get some cam followers from other than Nissan, its bloody noisy on tickover. I know its not the VVT or chain too, its definitely cam problem, have flushed and changed oil(fully synth) and filter still noisy.:(Help guys.
  7. D

    rattle noise from the rocker cover

    when i start the car a metal rattly noise comes from the rockercover area and also happens when i turn the car off, looked on the sxoc and from what i can work out i think its the chain tensioner giving up. anyone had the same sort of noise??
  8. B

    SR20DE Engine in a Spec-S: Chain Driven?

    Does the SR20DE in the S15 Spec-S have a chain driven timing belt? Just getting together things ready for the first service. Thanks, Blinx :)