1. 2fst4u

    Car audio set ups. Explain yours

    I'm trying to figure out how my future audio set up is going to be physically wired so in an attempt to wrap my head around the subject, I like to put the question to you guys: how is your car audio system set up? I'm not looking for "which amp is better" etc, more, what have you got hooked up...
  2. K

    My gorgeous JDM friend..

    Please subscribe to my friend's channel she sings, dances and models and she is JDM :D
  3. M

    FS: Alpine 4 Channel Amp

    Alpine V series 4 channel Amp. Had this sitting as one of those "il use it someday" items. but being honest, my days of bangin tunes and sitting around with the boys and girls are over LOL! i really will not use it! dam good amp - £75 delivered???
  4. meddler

    S15OC chat channel on IRC

    Guys, I have set up a chat channel on IRC. It will give everyone the chance to chat in real time. If you already have an IRC client on your computer, then it makes it easy. If you don't, you can use a web based chat client like mibbit. If you want to install a irc...
  5. B

    FS: FS: Double Din Car AV System

    I'm selling my used and in excellent condition Double DIN Car AV System. Features: Double DIN DVD Player with 6.5" TFT Screen Compatible DVD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/MP4/DivX With USB Slot and card reader Built-in TV Tuner Built-in AM/FM Stereo Receiver Multi Channel Auto EQ Setting DVD/VCD/CD...
  6. R

    Stereo thoughts...

    Hey guys, anyone know if the Stock stereo speakers are the same in all S15s? And if so when installing a stereo would you upgrade the standard speakers or would you just connect them to an amp? I currently have a 5 channel Alpine amp in my possesion which I took out of my old car before I sold...