1. P

    WTB: S15 charge loom

    In desperate need of an s15 charge loom , has anyone got one or knows where one one is please let me know thanks
  2. S15_SAM

    Cheap nissan parts

    So I've made a new friend recently who works for Nissan in Latvia. As an example of the cheapness of genuine nissan parts, he can get complete front wheel bearings with hub, studs, abs ring etc for £125. Now considering the uk charge £400 its a massive saving. My question to you guys is what...
  3. NICKO

    FS: S15 Six Speed Gearbox super low miles

    I have for sale a super low mileage gearbox that came out of the charge speed demo car at horsham developments to be replaced with a 5 speed dog box the box was smooth shifting with no leaks, knocks or rumbles etc mileage was on about 14k if I remember correctly but that's a mixture of miles...
  4. Jay-pan

    Speed dial and temp

    Hi guys, Just had my car converted from KMH-MPH but when below 50 its totally fine reads spot on. Then soon as I go above 50 it starts waving around and some times just sits at 0. Now i think its the little converter device is faulty so got a new one sent out free of charge. But is there...
  5. M

    FS: Nissan S15 Spec R FOR SALE

    HI guys my s15 is for sale here is the link below as u guys may know ive got a nismo gearbox and just fitted an orc409+lightened flywheel 350 miles ago please call for more info - 07983601399 Nissan S15 Spec R, Gunmetal, 37,000 miles. Mot & Tax, I...
  6. P

    FS: S15 Silvia Aero Spoiler

    *** FOR SALE *** Genuine S15 Silvia Rear Aero Spoiler in Red. Brake light included. £150 Collected from Spalding (Lincolnshire), or can post out for extra postage charge. If anyone is interested drop me a PM or email to Pics:
  7. J

    Battery Issues

    Hi Guys. Not be on here for while but really need your help ad recommendations. Recently moved house and im now within walking distance of my work and gym my girlfriends mini is always parked behind mine on the drive so my S15 hhdant been started for a good week or so, and i presume this along...
  8. J

    Flat as a pancake day

    Guys & Gals, where's the best place to order a battery from :rolleyes: Mine's dead after 6 weeks off the road. I charged it for 6 hours on Saturday and took the car on a 300 mile run on Sunday but this morning, it's flat again. I can only assume it's not holding its charge very well :( I...
  9. Yakozan

    Some S15s going on auction.

    Just had to post this S15 i found on the auction website :rotfl: Nicelys next set of wheels (if I was in charge) Full aero kitted black S15 :cool: Too bad it's a Spec-S
  10. M

    Hi everyone! My car is renew a new face.

    Hi This is the new face for my S15. This front aero is hand make to charge the style. :nod: :smitten:
  11. Nicely

    Charge temperatures

    What's the lowest charge temperature yoou've ever had? That's the temperature of the air enterinng the plenum after going through the IC (for those that don't know). Got -5.7 this morning :eek: Averaged -3 to -4.