1. J

    Battery not charging?

    Hi, is there a fuse anywhere for the alternator? Battery doesn't seem to be charging :-(
  2. J0R04N

    FS: S15 Stainless Decat pipe

    Been making a few bits with john ashley exhausts, and we have made up a bolt on stainless decat for the S15. At the moment we have made it in 3'' stainless however we can make them any diameter you wish. Bolt straight in to replace the standard restrictive cat. Had one put on mine today and was...
  3. B

    Twin charged

    how do you guys feel about twin charging the Sr20?
  4. M

    Bigger alternator or bigger battery?

    Hi all, I've fitted a larger electric fan for my intercooler project, it works well but the problem is that it draws around 20 amps at max load. This seems to place some load on my car's charging system, with lights dimming momentarily when the fan kicks in. I measured across the batt...