1. John-

    S15 Oil Filter

    I have done a lot of searching on Google for an upcoming service. And finding any definitive answer for an oil filter has been difficult as some mention wrong thread sizes. But I settled for this was...
  2. T

    Rear body panel where to buy?

    In need of a rear chassis boot panel, does anyone know the best (cheapest) place to get one?
  3. S

    moog ball joints

    i got a dead front one so i think its time to stock up anybody know the cheapest place>?
  4. D

    plumbing back BOV

    Hey all So, bought an s15 yesterday. Love it. Got pulled up at midnight last night - cops were real assholes about it, it has a Bov that vents to atmosphere... imagine that, a fine after owning it for 24 hours. Question - what's the cheapest hose I can use to plumb it back in? reckon some...
  5. JEZ 8553

    WTB: Front wheel bearing...

    getting some sticking in front nearside wheel bearing, no play but creating road noise at motorway speeds so needs replacing. I know i need to replace the whole hub as the bearing is part of it. Anyone know the cheapest place to get one or have a second hand one very cheap ? Cheers for any...