1. B

    WTB: S15 spec r

    S15 spec r or s Looking for a spec r or s in white or pewter going to import one in the next couple of weeks just though I'd check if there's anything already here for sale first. cheers
  2. L

    FS: Kakimoto Cat-back exhaust system

    Just had a new full custom 3" system made for my 15 so now selling the Kakimoto system that came on the car when I bought it This is a link to the exhaust - going to clean mine up over the weekend then post actual pictures) RHDJapan : Kakimoto Regu.06&R Exhaust Muffler - S15 SR20DET Based on...
  3. Rich

    FS: SSR Integral A2 17" Wheels & Tyres - £225

    Hi, Please check the eBay link. SSR Integral A2 17" Alloy Wheels 5 X 114 Alloys Rims ( Not Rota Work JDM Drift ) | eBay Nice and cheap.
  4. S

    Meet: West Midlands meets

    Hi all, New to the Jdm world and yet to acquire an S15 sadly. I was wondering though if there are any meets in the West Midlands? I'd love to come check out some S15s at some point. Help fuel my desire to get one :)
  5. F

    How much is 6 months tax?

    How much is 6 months tax need to know to send a check to Dvla when I register car, think it's 129.25 but want to double check, it's a 1999 model
  6. UncleDan

    No power to diagnostic port

    Does anyone know what fuses to check or have wiring diagram just for the port?
  7. D

    WTB: wtb: standard spec r diff

    Hi everyone. I know this is cheeky as my first post but if anyone is upgrading and wants to sell on the standard spec r helical diff with shafts I would possibly be interested. I will check back often as I can and try to get more involved also. Many thanks Chris
  8. Johnny

    WTB: WTB ABS control unit for s15

    Hi, I need this abs unit for s15, check those number if You have the same one
  9. adzsy

    FS: Genuine Spec R Badges

    I have a pair of Spec R badges for the rear quarters. £25 posted to uk can post anywhere in world but would have to check costs.
  10. E

    S15 no power at coilpack plug?

    My s15 will not spark and have been trying too sort it the last few weeks..i removed my aftermarket immobiliser which i though was the problem (k9 alarm) stil no spark.Engine is getting fuel,engine turns over no problem,but when i check my plug which plugs into the coilpack i am reading 0v with...
  11. A

    factory boost gauge stopped working.

    I just noticed on the way home the A-pillar boost gauge is not working anymore, is there anything obvious I can check or is it usually just broken? Thanks.
  12. Jay-pan

    FS: Genuine Nissan Gasket

    Turbo to manifold gasket, bought thinking it would fit my car not realising stupidly that a GT30 turbo is a lot bigger than standard. still in package but opened to check. Genuine nissan part with item code £10 posted 1st class no offers.
  13. D - Drifting, Culture, Sports

    Hey guys, A few friends and me are running a blog about the evolving drifting scene, jdm cars, local meets and many more for round about 4 years now. There're are a few blog entries which got english subtitles but most of it is written in German. Anyway, if you wanna check out whats happening...
  14. J

    Express Odometer Check - SPECIAL

    20% off this week-end only. Verify your vehicle's odometer reading now.
  15. Tommy Kaira

    FS: 2001 Spec-R for sale (maybe)

    Hi guys, I'm considering letting my S15 go. I imported it myself a few years ago. It has the following: Exhaust, Decat (new), front pipe(new). Induction kit. HSD Coilovers (new) Garage-D/Quaife gearbox upgrade (new) ORC clutch/flywheel Boost controller (new) Power FC Splitfire coilpacks...
  16. J

    20% reduction on Express ODOMETER check

    Dear Forum Members, We have been checking a lot of JDMs in the past few months, some with genuine kms, but a lot were wound back. If you want to check a car, now is the time: This special lasts for the next 2 days only (finishing Monday). £39 for the Express Check, that is 20% reduction...
  17. I

    No ignition on Cylinder 4

    Hi, I rebuilt the SR20 of my S15 with a few upgrades, especially a nistune Type 4 board to remap it. I got no ignition au cylinder 4, the engine runs on 3 cylinders only... I swapped the coils, but the problem is still on cylinder 4. So, I plugged a digital oscilloscope to the ECU to check...
  18. S15AK

    Gear know thread size?

    Spec S - Gear knob thread size? Hi Guys I'm ordering a new gear knob and I'm working away so I can't check myself. Can anyone confirm the thread size of the Spec S 5 speed gear knob thread please? I am pretty sure its 10x1.25 and the specR 6sp is 12x1.25 but just want to double check...
  19. J

    Christmas Special -Odometer Check

    Check out our e-store for our christmas special for an express odometer history check. Ask Santa to stuff in in your stocking and save... (offer ends on Boxing Day )