1. pegliobaglio

    new s15 owner

    Hi guys just thought i would say a quick hello,just bought a grey 51 plate Spec R ,picking her up in a couple of weeks hope you like,look forward to checking out the site and getting some mods,have another car too a FN2 type R that modified too will get some pics up soon
  2. andeep

    Drifting wheels

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, but bit of a noob here. Anyway getting the car soon, and want to do a little bit of drifting in it -so just brushing up on knowledge and research. So looking for a set of new rims. I just want to get some cheapy ones for the moment, but what size...
  3. J

    diff question

    im not 100% sure what diff is in the s15 a 1.5way or 2way .i have heard there is a way of checking it by jacking the car up or something...??all help app thanks in advance
  4. moomin

    general maintanence question

    My S15 is coming up to 85,000 miles and im just wondering if there are any unusual checks i should have a look for, i have owned it for a year and it has been completely problem free but, with the mileage getting higher & higher just wanted to see if there is anything i should be doing or...