1. L

    Cheeky Question before I buy

    Morning guys, I really want to get an S15 imported and I've got the money needed now. The one thing stopping me calling torque gt up and putting my deposit down is I've never been in one to get a feel for how they drive/ride etc. I know it's a bit cheeky asking but would any of you guys be...
  2. John-

    S15 on pistonheads

    This has just come up on pistonheads: Doubting anyone will know anything about it as its apparently a fresh import, but just wondered if it...
  3. P

    pic request!!! s15's with dishy vienna dish

    well as above really, i wanna see what it looks like before im cheeky and ask a local largo owner if he wants to sell his cheers
  4. P

    Work incident

    Basically at my last place of work i was working on a car and needed to put some rubber gloves on so i went to the parts counter and put them on. Problem was one of my fingers wouldn't fit in cos something was inside so i took it off and shook it. Pic below shows what it was i nearly s**t myself...