1. C

    New mats

    Hey guys does anyone know where i can get a nice new set of mats for my S15? Mine are starting to look a bit tatty. Cheers:thumbs:
  2. pegliobaglio

    good paint/bosyshops

    good paint/bodyshops Anyone know of any good bodyshop in herts,I am putting my type r up for sale but need to get the lower lip of my front bumper sprayed as it has some stone chips and have a scratch on my front drivers side wing I want touched up too. Only 2 marks on the car as its not very...
  3. xlr8

    WTB: 1.5 way lsd

    looking for a 1.5 way lsd.May take a 2 way as last resort.Please pm me if anyone has got one(ireland) cheers!:thumbs:
  4. J

    WTB: 180 2 way diff..

    wanted; 180 two way diff cash waiting....0860535246 in IRELAND ONLY cheers:thumbs:
  5. M

    Roll Cage

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting a cage for my Spec S when I start modding it. Does anyone know how much difference there is inside to an S14, or somewhere I can get a reasonably priced cage for the 15? Cheers:thumbs: Mitch.