1. JDM_virgin

    Silvia Boot Badges

    right guys and gals it looks like i cannot find a boot badge for less than £40 ish- however due to my unique and very cool job, it is highly possible that I could manufacture these by moulding the origonal piece. so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing one? (or several)...
  2. N

    FS: Standard S15 Individual Coil Packs x 3

    I have for sale 3 x original standard coils. Removed from my 1999 S15 as I have upgraded to Splitfires. Standard 4th cylinder near fire wall coil fail. £28 Per Coil Inc First Class Recorded Delivery. Can ship internationaly price provided on location.
  3. Nicely

    Must-have sitting room accessory

    This is absolute class... :D :notworthy:
  4. S

    I really think S15 have the best shape.

    How about you? Seriously with no bias please :cool: I think it has the best lines curves and shape in its class. When I say class, sport coupe. Well I even think it looks better than some Ferrari shape. If S15 is as wide as they are, it will look even better. Your thoughts? :D