1. N

    FS: Orc 559 twin plate clutch and flyhweel, for s15 6 speed

    ORC 559 Twin plate clutch and flywheel from a s15 6 speed, as you know ORC clutches are known to be one the best on the market. Came off a s15 2.1L with 480BHP and held the power with no issues no slips and plenty of life left on the plates. Very road friendly clutch and easy bite. Only reason...
  2. V

    ORC clutch thickness ?

    Dear all , Would like to know what's the lifespan of the Ogura twin plate clutches? I still have 4.5mm on the disk and have been told that there is plenty of life left . Can i know from any users here until what threshold that it needs to be replaced? Thanks a lot and can the same theory...
  3. NICKO

    Clutch choice S15

    well im after a decent clutch for my S15 silvia to handle around 350bhp and was just wondering whats the most used clutch on here? Also whats the crack with the fitment on the 6 speed? do I keep the flywheel, can I use S14 clutches? if i keep the standard fly do I need an unsprung friction...
  4. T

    Blitz Active Clutch vs ORC-409D

    Anyone have input on these clutches, Blitz active single clutch kit has a upgrade available to convert it to a twin disk which seems to be a great cost saving idea. Reading a few other forums I was saw that ORC makes the Blitz clutches, can anyone confrim ?
  5. C

    What clutches are you using??

    Just trying to build up an idea of what clutches and flywheel combinations will work for the S15. After calling round a few places I still cant figure out if my S14 ACT organic clutch and S14 ACT prolite fly will fit :cry: I spoke to the very helpful APT boys and they are uncertain, but...
  6. DeanS15

    act clutches and flywheels

    hey guys, just after advice and experiences with act clutches and flywheels......when i get the new setup installed im gonna have to uprate the clutch and have been considering the act 6 puck paddle heavy duty clutch and streetlite flywheel, my only worry is that ive been told to stay well away...