1. B

    WTB: Front Fenders

    Hey guys, looking to buy Front Fenders, dont care the color. as long as they are in good condition.
  2. R

    WTB: S15 oem spoiler

    searching an S15 spoiler, prefer the color White! Regards, Rutger
  3. ArTo

    FS: SR20 Aluminium Plug Cover Arrow Anodized

    Hey, I have some plug covers left, please check the picture for color. Price: 40 € Shipping: 15 € to Europe
  4. M

    WTB: bootlid.

    as title fibreglass/metal any color, will need to be posted to ne9 5dy. just drop some pics here and let me know how much you want posted. cheers for looking matty
  5. lvaleiron

    Help me choose a new color! =)

    Heyo! So i'm going to paint my car because is already on the shop repairing some body damage that the car had when i bought it. Right now is a pewter grey with stock front bumper, crappy oem wheels on it, a nissan r34 gtr fiber glass rear wing and spec r side skirts and rear spats. So...
  6. 4

    My s15

    My s15 by 40404040 Pics of my 2002 s15. regards to fellow silvia brothers. Rim changed color
  7. W

    Need help! R-Vit-i color

    so i just sold my R-vit type II and bought an i-color.. HOWEVER.. the harness is totally different. i think its an obd1 setup.. its only like 5 wires it CANT be that damn hard to just wire it right in but i cant find a pinout on this thing to save my life. any ideas? do you think it would work...
  8. G

    Paint No. for Titanium Internal Trims

    I want to re-paint the titanium cabin plastic trims. Anybody know if there is a aerosol paint number or brand or color code that fits the stock trims?