1. L

    WTB: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro with EL commander and all wiring and sensors

    After a Apexi Power FC (D-jetro) with EL hand commander and all wiring and sensors. Thanks Liam
  2. NICKO

    Apexi Hand commander fitting ideas

    Well ive just got hold of a D Jetro power fc with the new EL hand commander and was wondering where people put there commander? has anyone done anything different or any sort of custom dash fitment? or has everyone just simply thrown them into the glove box :D get the idea rolling guys :thumbs:
  3. naha_music

    FS: FS: APEXi Power FC w/ Commander L-Jetro

    I got a near new Power FC w/ commander up for sale. Bought brand new and was briefly installed.. but replaced it with the AEM Series 2 EMS before my project was ever completed.. I still have original box, instructions, receipt, etc.. $700 USD obo. Also got a brand new FC Datalogit w/...
  4. T

    FS: Fc Commander, Carbon surround, spacers and lights....

    Hows things lads, just cleaning out the shed this week and wanna get rid of some stuff that has being laying round for the last year or two from the s15, so far Ive come across... Apexi powerfc commander ...sold Carbon fibre gaiter and radio surround 90euro, this thing is spotless, the only...
  5. F

    FS: apexi power fc s15 spec r

    selling apexi s15 spec r apexi power fc I sold my car on and removed this it does not have commander £450
  6. xlr8

    WTB: apexi fc commander

    looking for an apexi fc commander new with handheld and ecu.?
  7. zero260

    FS: Apexi power-fc & commander

    I have for sale my Apexi Power-fc and Commander from an S14a. But this will also fit an S15, please see the following thread for info: They are in perfect condition, like new. :nod: Code: PFC SR2016 020- 0461 I am after £500 plus...
  8. D

    FS: S15 Power FC and Commander (L jetro)

    Brand new still in the box, power fc and commander to fit s15 £700 delivered
  9. F

    power fc commander

    Any one here willing to let me use their power fc commander for a few mins sometime next week. Just want to get the car started with the new injectors and the afm but only have the ecu and nothing to change the settings. Iam based in southeast london, near bromley se6
  10. meddler

    WTB: Powerfc Commander

    Guys, I have just bought a powerfc pro (p/n: 414-N009) for my s15 and it didn't come with the commander (the pro versions don't) :( Now, I have just tried my mates commander from a 414-AN018 (commander p/n: 415-X001) and it doesn't work. :censored: Why is it they have to have so many different...
  11. C

    FS: Apex-i Power FC + Hand Commander

    Brand new Apex-i Power FC with Hand Commander Brought it off this forum a while ago but no longer require it. Never been used or even out of the box. Heres the original for sale thread.. and some pics.. Looking for £390 + £10...
  12. J

    FS: New Apex-i Power FC with Commander

    I am selling this on behalf of a friend, who has got a New Apexi power FC for the S15 turbo. It is brand new and boxed and come with the commander. ?390 The power FC is in UK and ready to be sent.
  13. K

    FS: Apexi Power FC S15

    As above with commander 400 euro
  14. K

    WTB: Apexi Power FC and Commander!!

    Looking to get my car re-mapped and trying to get hold of Apexi Power FC and commander! Anything considered. Thanks! Andy