1. N80Jamie

    Anyone close to Telford/Shropshire area?

    Some of you may have read my last topic about the possibility of miss matching upper mounts to my Ohlin coilovers. If anyone is reasonably close by to me, that has either Cusco or Tein upper mounts fitted on their front struts, id really appreciate it if I could come and take a look at them and...
  2. C

    Dial cluster bulbs

    Hi guys, I have some bad bulbs in my cluster and they want replacing but I can't find what type they are for the life of me. Done a search and found zero actual information, and the local motor factors didn't have any like the ones I took out to compare. I'm aware there are 1.4, 2 and 3w ones...
  3. C

    How many miles can you get for a full tank?

    As title, how many miles you guys get? I can get 236 miles for a full tank and took me 90 pounds for V power full tank? Is this normal compare to you guys? Mine only have intake, exhaust, intercooler and HKS SSQV.
  4. driftmonkey

    garages in southampton

    im looking for a garage to do a lil engine work on my car or if anyone is in southampton with a s15 be nice to meet and compare...
  5. G

    Fix High Emissions

    I failed at emissions today. The figures were throught the roof. I then removed the cables from the battery and pushed the lambda plug into its socket. It seemed a bit out. I also replaced the plugs with Brpc6es. (not 100% sure hey vwere called exaclty that) I then checked the readings again...
  6. T

    S15 vs RX7

    I'm curious to hear from people who have owned both of these fine cars! How do the 2 compare? Wichever I do choose to byu will have about 100bhp more than standard, how do the 2 cars compare when giving this extra power to use? Thanks everyone :)
  7. S

    FS: S15 Spec R GT wing/Spoiler ( Perth Australia )

    I prefered the s15 Wingless - so I took it off and had the bootlid welded and painted. So I no longer have a use for it obviously. Its in very good condition and even still has the rubber pads that protect the bootlid. The wing is Black in colour and the connector for the 3rd level brake light...
  8. M

    S15 Gearbox Conversion

    Hi.... my S15 6 speed gearbox seems having some weird sound. Juz wanna ask whether can RB25 gearbox fit into S15? Coz i heard that RB25 gearbox is stronger compare to S14 5-speed. Correct me if i'm wrong:hurl:
  9. D

    wonder how well this would work...

    Kinda cool for the people that really don't wanna change their engine bay about too much! i know someone on here just the other day said they'd shifted them rad' back 20mm to do this sorta fitment. What i wonder though, is how well it'd compare to the likes of a full FMIC. Surely alot of the...
  10. D

    another 57pro question

    I am thinking of purchasing a set of gramlight 57pros in 17x8 and 17x9, but i'd like to know how they compare in weight to the stock rims on an ADM S15?