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    newest s15 in the caribbean island

    guys thats all the pictures i have for now. it need some cleaning up. my goal is to make a sleeper and get her up to 400hp. I drove it today and it seems pretty much slow. i guess is because it's still stock. I will upload some more detail pics when i clean her up. oh iam missing the rear number...
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    WTB: Coin Compartment Lid

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the lid to the coin compartment on a Silvia S15. Anybody got one they willing to sell? Please contact me. Cheers!
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    SillbeerS15's small update

    Christmas came early for me this year.....cheers everyone! Recently installed the following: 1. HKS F-CON V Pro 3.24, with map selector and launch/antilag control. 2. HKS 740cc injectors. 3. HKS Twin Power. 4. HKS 100mm Suction Kit. 5. HKS EVC (VI). And tuned..... Following are some pics to...