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    Wiper components

    Hi everyone . Anyone know where I can get the bushes and the related Components for the wiper link arms on a s15 or is it a main dealer jobbie? Mine are worn and have been bodged by previous owner. 👎 Cheers
  2. D

    Rear hub conversion

    Hi, I tried searching but couldn't find exactly what I was after. I'm interested in doing a rear R33 hub conversion in my JDM spec R but wanted to do all the research first. Can some one confirm I need all the following parts? -rear hubs and brake components -handbrake cables - rear suspension...
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    Help on new engine from rhdrivejapan

    Going to rmove my engine and replace it with a TOMEI Genesis Complete Engine SR224G SR225G. Any know if it is a straight fit Would the stock turbo bolt on this along with the other stock components (for now). Also Anyone know a good place to take my s15s engine for a overhaul if it is not a...
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    exhaust sytem help

    hi guys im new here and currently purchasing a yellow jdm s15 ive been looking around forum and seeing that ces front/dump pipe is good so im purchasing one. i know this may sound stupid but what other components do i need for turbo back exhaust system? im still learning alot so dont flame me...
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    ShadyUK's Pearl Aero S15

    Here's mine. I dont have too many plans for it, just to keep it mint and sexy with subtle touches. Engine HKS Short Ram Intake HKS Hyper Cat Back Exhaust HKS Down Pipe DecatExterior Full Aero from factory Nismo rear spoiler (it came like that from Japan, honest!!) PIAA HID KitSuspension...
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    Standard Ice

    Hi all, I am looking to get some sound system in my car but looking at the standard components it looks like the will have to be replaced with bigger units. Is there a guide on how to remove the current unit without me breaking gearbox surrounds etc. Also, how would an upgrade of the current...